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5 Must Watch Movies of Mohanlal ??




Mohanlal: On May 21, 1960, he was born. He is best known as Mohanlal, an Indian actor, film producer, playback singer, television host, and film distributor who primarily works in Malayalam cinema but has also acted in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, and Kannada films.

Mohanlal has a long and illustrious career spanning four decades, in which he has appeared in over 400 films. The actor is widely acclaimed for his portrayals of eccentric characters in his films.

The role of the eccentric psychiatrist in Manichithrathazhu and Kireedam is an excellent example of this.In the latter film, Mohanlal proves his seasoned acting skills through punch dialogues.

Both movies showcase the euphoria of dreams and the doom of reality. In the latter film, Mohanlal plays a character that is both dark and ecstatic.

Mohanlal by Vaanaprastham [ 1999 ]


Vanaprastham is one of Mohanlal’s greatest films. The movie follows the life of a Kathakali dancer from a lower caste, who falls in love with a higher caste woman.

When he rejects her, he is crushed by her rejection. Consequently, his acting takes on a darker, demonic tone. As a result, the movie has won numerous awards and critical acclaim.

While watching the film, try to understand the movie’s meaning. Guru means teacher, but it also refers to the doorway to self-realization.

Mohanlal demonstrates a unique acting talent in this film. His performance is unlike anything he has done before. If you enjoy films based on mythology, Vaanaprastham will be a must-watch for any Mohanlal fan.

Mohanlal by Spadikam [ 1995 ]

A Malayalam film about a father and his estranged son, Spadikam was one of the most successful films of the 1990s.

It received great critical acclaim and went on to become the second highest grossing Malayalam film of the year.

It earned Mohanlal a number of awards, including Best Actor and Best Film – Malayalam. Spadikam also received several remakes in various south Indian languages, including Tamil and Telugu.

The film features some of Mohanlal’s most memorable performances, including one of the most dashing roles of his career.

The film is a brilliant example of commercial cinema with a soul, and the father-son relationship in the film is well-portrayed.

In addition to the vivaciously inspiring character, the film also introduces new styles and heroic deliveries. Its most memorable aspect is its heart-warming portrayal of the father-son relationship.

Kireedam [ 1989 ]

Despite the lack of blockbuster films starring Mohanlal, Kireedam is one of his most memorable performances. It is a

Genuinely heart-warming story about the life of an ordinary man and how society forces him to act in certain ways. Mohanlal’s performance is so captivating that it engulfs the audience emotionally in every scene.

The father-son duo of Mohanlal and Thilakan is exemplary. The acting is superb, and both actors leave you drained of energy after watching Kireedam.

The acclaimed director Priyadarshan and Mohanlal have made some of the best Malayalam films. Both have contributed to the development of the genre and have done a number of films together.

Their collaboration in “Kilukkam” is a standout amongst comedies, with Mohanlal and Jagathy Sreekumar in top roles. The witty and touching script is another highlight of this movie.

Manichitrathazhu [ 1993 ]

If you love thrillers, you must watch Manichitrathazhu. With taut direction, solid characters, and superb performances, it is an enduring classic that promises endless entertainment.

The film features a dream cast and crew including Mohanlal, scriptwriter Madhu Muttom, second unit directors, and other prominent film personalities.

If you want to know more about Mohanlal’s career, read our list of Must-Watch Movies of Mohanlal. Besides the romantic films, Mohanlal has starred in over 300 movies.

Known for his versatility, he has starred in movies ranging from horror to comedy to romance.

His films include Yodha, Spirit, Villain, Big Brother, Pulimurugan, and Ajaanaada. The list is truly endless. And, if you are looking for a great comedy, make sure to check out his other works.

Kamaladalam [ 1992 ]

A must-watch movie of Mohanlal, Kamaladalam starred the legendary actor as a renowned dance teacher who loses his wife to suicide.

After a tragic incident, he takes on a high-profile dance project and trains a young girl to dance. The movie is filled with intense and moving sequences, with the actor capturing the character’s pathos with great intensity.

This movie also stars Nedumudi Venu, Monisha, Vineet, and Mohanlal himself as the instructor. His acting skills remained unmatched in many of his films, and he continued to win fans with the quality of his performances.

The most successful films of Mohanlal include Thoovanathumbikal (1986), The Great Indian Detective (1997), Kamaladalam (1989), Kamaladalam (2009), and the aforementioned Kamaladalam.

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