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A Beginner’s Guide To Play & Win Cube Solitaire



Cube Solitaire 

Cube Solitaire 

Introduced in 1990, Solitaire continues to hold an important place in the hearts of card game lovers. Even today, the classic game attracts millions of players across the country, and its popularity has soared after the game became available online. While some play online Solitaire games for pure entertainment and fun, others play for real cash rewards. Either way, it is not an exaggeration to say the traditional card game is a favorite of people of all ages. 

Several game variants emerged when the card game became a part of the online gaming world. One of the most popular is Cube Solitaire. Cube Solitaire is the closest to the traditional game in terms of rules and gameplay compared to other versions. So, even if you’re a newbie and don’t know how to play Solitaire Cube, you won’t have any trouble picking up the game. Also, there are free practice games to help players get familiarized with the rules and learn new strategies. You can play those first and then participate in tournaments to earn money. 

Cube Solitaire Rules And Scoring System 

The objective of Cube Solitaire is to arrange the cards into relevant sequences, transfer them to the foundation pile and earn more points than your opponent. To achieve this, players need to follow a few basic rules and consider the scoring system to strategize their game plan. 

The game’s rules are:

  • All the cards must be moved in descending order and placed under cards of a different color. The sequence is built from Ace to King of the same suit but in alternating colors. That’s how you solve the deck. The game is played with the standard 52 deck and four suits. 
  • Only the King card is moved to an empty column. 
  • Cards are drawn when there are no possible moves by clicking the stockpile. However, players cannot draw more than four times or risk penalties. 
  • The arranged sequence must be moved to the foundation deck to earn points. 

Solving Cube Solitaire games are easier said than done. Therefore, don’t expect every match to be winnable or easily solvable. If you face decks that cannot be solved, the best option is to tap the Submit button and end the game early. In doing so, you’ll earn a timer bonus because online games are typically time-oriented. 

If the rules are clear, take a look at how you score points during the game. 

  • Twenty points are awarded if you play a card from the stockpile to the tableau or reveal a face-down card in the tableau. 
  • Seventy points are awarded if you move a previously removed card from the foundation to the tableau. 
  • One hundred points are awarded if you move a card to the foundation deck. 
  • Five hundred points are awarded if you form the correct sequence in the foundation deck. 

Certain actions within the game result in penalties. For instance, you’ll lose 70 points if you move a card from the foundation deck to the tableau and 20 points if you draw more than four times from the stockpile. 

Easy Hacks To Win Cube Solitaire 

  • Think Of The Card’s Color When Filling A Vacant Slot 

Whether you’ll use a red or a black King card to fill an empty slot is an important decision and one that’ll impact the game’s outcome. The color you select will dictate the order of color for that particular pile and affect your future moves. To ensure effortless stacking of cards, you need to consider the Q and J cards you have and make a decision accordingly. 

  • Expose The Larger Stacks First To Reveal More Cards 

Exposing hidden cards is a way to move forward in the game. When you need to reveal face-down cards, attack the larger stacks first and use the cards to build a relevant set. 

  • Don’t Hold Onto The Ace Or Deuce Cards

When the Ace or deuce cards are discovered, you need to play the cards right away. You don’t have to draw more cards. The Aces go up first in the foundation pile in the game, and deuces or two are likely to follow. 

  • It Isn’t Very Smart To Move Cards Without A Plan

Cube Solitaire might be a simple card game, but it requires immense strategizing prowess. You cannot aimlessly move the cards around on the board. If you’re guilty of this, you’ll soon find you’re out of moves and stuck with several cards that don’t match. 

For example, move cards when you want to reveal a face-down card but don’t move cards if you’re building piles. 

What Are The Reasons To Play Solitaire Cube Right Away?

If you were holding yourself back from playing Cube Solitaire, here are a few reasons to compel you to download the game right away and start playing. 

  • The game is easy to learn and play. The rules are simple to understand, and once you begin playing, you’ll get the hang of it almost instantly. If you need more time, there are practice games you can play for free to get familiar with the rules. Also, observing other players will help you strategize better. 
  • The game is an excellent activity to keep yourself entertained. The highly engaging game offers productive fun where you need to use your mental abilities to their full potential. 
  • Cube Solitaire is a skill-based game, and players can hone their decision-making skills, analytical thinking, logical reasoning, and time management abilities via the game. The game is an excellent exercise for your mind and can help you learn the art of making quick decisions. You may even get better at problem-solving. 
  • The game’s online version lets you play with real players. Traditionally, it was a single-player game, but today, it offers a multiplayer mode. You can play the 1V1 game mode or the 1VN game mode. 
  • Opportunity to win real cash prizes and rewards by participating in tournaments. These contests allow you to engage in intense competition with several other online players. 

Now all that’s left to do is start your journey into the dizzying world of Cube Solitaire. Don’t miss out on the great fun awaiting you!

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