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Among VS Venting : How To Vent Safely (Tips & Trick)



Among VS Venting

Among VS Venting: Playing an Impostor in Among Us may be both entertaining and tough, as it can be difficult to deceive friends and avoid doing something suspicious in front of another player. Impostors have access to a number of unique game mechanics.

They can assassinate Crewmates, carry out acts of sabotage to make it more difficult for Crewmates to survive and fulfil tasks, and expand their vision radius throughout the map. They can also use the Vent system to quickly transfer away from a crime scene or conceal themselves, making it easier to deceive Crewmates and win the game.

In a short period of time, Among Us has expanded in popularity, and new players are joining their friends to perform missions and evict suspected Impostors. It can be tough for novice players to become used to the game’s Vent system. Venting is visible to anybody in the vicinity and can rapidly get a player booted from the game, so it’s crucial to learn how to utilise it effectively and without arousing suspicion. Here’s all you need to know about venting in Among Us, including how to do it successfully.

How To Use The Among VS Venting

Among VS Venting

Vents, like secret routes in the board game Clue, only connect two or three rooms at a time. The only place where this isn’t true is in MIRA HQ, where the Vents connect all of the rooms.

The Vents can only be used by Impostors. The Sabotage button in the bottom-right corner of the screen is replaced with a Vent button when a player approaches one as an Impostor.

To use the Vent system, impostor players should click this button. When the Impostor enters the Vents, any Crewmate in the room may witness the animation, which immediately identifies them. Impostors must be very careful not to utilise the Vents in front of another Crewmate, or they will be discovered. If the Impostor vanishes from one room and reappears in another in front of a Crewmate, this is also true.

When security cameras are in use anyplace around, impostors must be careful not to Vent. If a Crewmate witnesses the player leaving a room they were not observed entering, suspicions will be raised, and the player will be suspected of being the Impostor.

Players will notice arrows pointing them in the direction of connected Vents in other rooms after they enter the Vents. They can choose where they want to go next or stay in the Vents to conceal. The cooldown times for the Kill and Sabotage buttons will be halted until the Impostor exits the Vent while in hiding. If players are waiting to jump out and make a kill, they should wait until the cooldown has reset before entering the Vent.

Impostors should evacuate an area through the Vent system shortly after killing a Crewmate to make the most of the Vent system. The Impostor will be able to escape away from the body before being discovered.

If a Crewmate witnesses the Impostor entering the chamber with the dead body and not exiting it, the scheme may backfire, resulting in the Impostor being removed. Only entering and exiting the chamber through the Vents is one approach to improve this strategy, but it’s still conceivable that a Crewmate will notice. When an impostor is alone in a room and no one is watching them, the Vents are the safest option.

Crewmates in neighbouring rooms can see when a Vent is used, but not who used it, thus impostor players should be aware of this.

If the Impostor closes the door, crewmates can see when the Vent is utilised. They don’t see the colour or the name of the player who used it, however. As an added degree of safety, impostors may choose to close the door before using the Vent.

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