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Anderson Cooper Turtle: The Journalist



Anderson Cooper Turtle

Anderson Cooper Turtle: Over the last five years, Anderson Cooper has progressed from a traditional mainstream television news journalist to a man who looked into the camera Thursday night and defined Donald Trump’s report on the state of the vote count as follows: “That is the president of the United States.” That is the most powerful guy on the planet, and we watch him flopping in the scorching sun like an obese turtle on his back.”

Progress of Anderson Cooper Turtle on Journalism field

Anderson Cooper Turtle

Cooper’s appraisal isn’t wrong, although being rather colorful for a mainstream journalist. Trump’s 15-minute White House statement was ridiculous. There were more lies regarding the vote-counting procedure than could be counted.

Trump, on the other hand, appeared inept, according to Cooper. Make no mistake: Trump was attempting to sow doubt about the process in order to maintain power, regardless of whether he won the election. His heart, though, was not in it. Off-hour Fox News programs have gotten Trump more animated.

Cooper, who is 53 years old, is not an activist journalist. He’s conducted heartfelt conversations with regular folks as well as celebrities such as Joaquin Phoenix. He began his work at ABC answering phones.

He traveled to Somalia, Rwanda, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he acquired a reputation as a serious reporter documenting war and bloodshed. He co-anchored World News Tonight and later hosted Anderson Cooper 360, a CNN news show. He’s also a 60 Minutes contributor.

On Thursday, television journalists reported that Trump was depressed and enraged. In the last 24 hours, Trump’s margin of victory has shrunk. On Tuesday, his voters cast a large number of ballots, which were the first to be counted. Joe Biden has been chipping away at Trump’s lead in swing states as mail-in ballots are collected and tabulated.

The president’s legal team is launching urgent (and almost certainly futile) court challenges in an attempt to halt the count in some areas and have it recounted in others. As the walls close in around him, Trump lashes out.

Cooper would have been deemed fringe (and certainly dismissed) not long ago for portraying a sitting president in the manner he did tonight. However, 2020 is not a typical year. The president is struggling and lying on his back.

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