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Andrew Garfield: Wiki, Age, Height, Wife, Movies & Networth



Andew Garfeild

Andrew Russell Garfield: is an English and American actor.He has received various accolades, including a Tony Award, a British Academy Television Award and a Golden Globe Award, in addition to nominations for two Academy Awards, three British Academy Film Awards, and a Laurence Olivier Award. Time included Garfield on its list of 100 most influential people in the world in 2022. If you want to know more about the English actor, keep reading this article. In this article, you will know about Andrew Russell Garfield’s age, height, and wife.

Andrew Garfield Wiki & Age

Andew Garfeild

Andrew Garfield was born on 20 August 1983 in Los Angeles, California. He was raised in a high-class Jewish family and attended school in the United Kingdom. He was born under the zodiac sign of Leo and stands five feet, ten inches tall. Garfield went to school in England, where he attended the Central School of Speech and Drama.


He later studied at the University of London, where he became interested in co-curricular activities.The actor and producer was born on 20 August 1983 in Los Angeles. He grew up in the UK and began his career in theatre and television production.

In 2007, he made his feature film debut in ensemble drama Lions for Lambs. He has since starred in several movies and series. His latest film will be the upcoming Martin Scorsese film Silence. Andrew Garfield’s net worth is estimated at $15 million. He earned most of his money through acting.

Andrew Garfield Height

In the world of acting, Andrew Russell Garfield has achieved a number of accolades. In addition to winning a Tony Award, he has also received nominations for a Golden Globe Award and a British Academy Television Award.


Listed below are the height and weight of the English-American actor. Andrew Garfield’s height is 5 ft and 7 inches. His height is not widely known, but his weight is relatively low compared to his age.

The actor is a dual citizen of England and the United States. Garfield is a member of the English National Ballet and has a body mass index of 37.1. Andrew Garfield has a slender build and is a model.

Andrew Garfield Wife

The name Emma Stone is the latest addition to the list of famous women who have dated Andrew Garfield. According to reports, the actor and model have split after being involved in a secretive relationship for many years.


According to reports, the actor and model flew to Taiwan for the filming of Martin Scorsese’s Silence, but they have not made an official announcement. Andrew’s schedule has kept him busy, and he’s chosen to keep his private life private.Despite the recent breakup rumors, Garfield has remained close to his ex-girlfriends.

He recently lied to Emma Stone about the mystery behind No Way Home and was called a jerk when she learned about the truth. Regardless, the actress has been seen embracing her role as an agnostic pantheist on the red carpet. She is now married to SNL’s Dave McCary, but the two have remained close friends.

Andrew Garfield Movies

Despite his relatively brief career, Andrew Garfield has made many notable choices. Though his choices can sometimes alienate some audiences, he has consistently delivered excellent performances. Andrew Garfield is one of those rare actors who gives 100 percent to all of his projects.


His acting abilities are a true testament to that. Here’s a look at some of his most memorable roles. After a long hiatus from acting, Andrew Garfield has had a breakout year in 2021. The actor starred in three critically acclaimed films and reprised his iconic Spider-Man role.

His acting chops are proving to be unsurpassed and he is making a name for himself on the Internet. Andrew Garfield has worked with a number of talented filmmakers to create some of the most memorable roles in recent memory.

Andrew Garfield Networth

Andrew Garfield is an award-winning actor who was once interested in becoming a business manager. Nevertheless, he switched to acting after starring in ‘Silence’ and ‘Breathe.’ His next major film role will be in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical ‘Tick, Tick…Boom.’


In addition, he will make a cameo appearance in ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’.Andrew Garfield’s net worth is continually on the rise, and he has now entered the millionaire club with a net worth of $2.2 million. In the early days of his career, his salary was based on hit TV shows.

However, with the release of ‘The Social Network,’ he broke into the big league and now charges upwards of $1 million for each movie appearance. He is a multi-talented actor who has acted in over a dozen movies.

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