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Andrew Yang has dropped out of the New York mayoral campaign



Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang has dropped out of the New York mayoral campaign, with Eric Adams taking the lead: Yang, who had been polling well in the early months of the contest for mayor of New York, conceded defeat on Tuesday night as the results of the first vote count showed him slipping behind retired police officer Eric Adams, who had taken the lead.

Andrew Yang has dropped out of the New York mayoral campaign

Andrew Yang

Ying’s capitulation marked the culmination of a disastrous campaign for the former software entrepreneur and presidential contender, who is currently in the fourth position in the contest to become the mayor of the nation’s largest city, according to preliminary results.

While Adams held a commanding lead on Tuesday, he is still a long way from being certified as the Democratic candidate for mayor – a nomination that would almost certainly assure a victory in the general election this November in the city that leans strongly toward Democrats.

A large number of mail-in ballots are still being counted, and because ranked-choice voting is being employed in a New York mayoral race for the first time, the process will take several weeks, with the winner not being announced until the 12th of July.

On Wednesday morning, Adams had 31.7 percent of the vote, with 84 percent of early and on-the-day votes recorded. Maya Wiley, a progressive civil rights lawyer, was in second place with 22.3 percent, according to exit polls. Kathryn Garcia, a former New York sanitation commissioner, finished third in the election with 19.5 percent of the votes.

Eric Adams taking the lead

During a speech on Tuesday night, Yang stated that he would not be the mayor of New York City if the results of the election were announced.

His support had increased to 11.7 percent by Wednesday.

“I am withdrawing from this race. Though we are unsure of who will be the next mayor, whoever that person is, I will be delighted to collaborate with them to enhance the lives of the 8.3 million people who live in our wonderful city, and I encourage everyone here to do the same.” Though we are unsure of who will be the next mayor,

According to the ranked-choice method, a candidate must get 50 percent of the vote in order to win the primary, which offers Wiley and Garcia reason to be optimistic in the coming days. During the next few weeks, the totals for voters’ second and third choices, as well as their fourth and fifth choices, will be added to the totals until a winner is determined.

“This isn’t just going to be about the ones, either. We’re going to know nothing more tonight than we do today, but we’re going to learn a lot about the twos and threes,” Garcia remarked on Tuesday night.

While speaking to his supporters, Adams acknowledged the fragility of his early advantage while simultaneously projecting a sense of triumph.

“We already know that there will be twos, threes, and fours,” Adams said of the numbers.

“However, there is something more we are aware of. We are aware that New York City has stated that Eric Adams is their top pick.

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