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Anthony Edwards (Actor) : How He’s Communicating With Others Under Quarantine



Anthony Edwards (Actor)

Anthony Edwards (Actor) : Anthony Edwards, star of ‘Top Gun,’ explains how he’s communicating with others under quarantine during the coronavirus outbreak.

Anthony Edwards (Actor)

Quarantine Routine is a regular feature in which we ask politicians and public figures how their everyday lives have changed — and how they’re still doing their jobs — since the coronavirus outbreak.

Anthony Edwards was preparing to attend film festivals in advance of the world premiere of his upcoming feature “The Tricky Part” when the coronavirus pandemic hit the entertainment sector, halting previously scheduled releases and events.

The 57-year-old actor, best known for his role as Goose in “Top Gun” and an eight-year run as Dr. Mark Greene on “ER,” relocated from New York City to a home in Sandy Hook, Conn., following the coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

The Golden Globe winner spoke with Fox News on how he’s staying positive in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak and finding new ways to connect with others. For him and his loved ones, this has meant seeking solace in nature.

“Mare Winningham and I have been having fantastic walks,” Edwards stated of himself and his girlfriend.

“We’ve organised this group for the previous five weeks because we have a family staying with us with a young child, our godson, who is just 19 months old.”

“It’s been very good to get into some other rhythms and also use technology in the way that we do now to connect with people,” the actor and producer continued.

“We’re trying to prioritise what’s important in this life as we realise how vulnerable it is when a pandemic strikes and kills so many people so soon.”

Edwards said his previous days of filming had been replaced with a more “simple” routine. He was filming a show for Netflix last month.

“Morning coffee, get up on the news, and get out and do something I’m lucky to do,” Edwards said of his new daily routine.

“I’m fortunate to be able to work in my garden, and you’ve been putting off these types of responsibilities for years.”

Edwards’ daughter, who recently graduated from high school, has now joined him in Connecticut.

“It’s about eating and exercising and reading and just trying to keep connected with the ones you love,” he said of the family’s confinement.

Despite the pandemic, Edwards’ executive produced film “The Tricky Part” is set to premiere in only a few days.

It’s a one-man show based on the same-named memoir by Martin Moran.

The film tells the narrative of a 12-year-old kid who was sexually molested between the ages of 12 and 15.

It’s a narrative about healing, and it’s one that Edwards can relate to. In 2017, the actor wrote an essay on Medium about his prior molestation by Hollywood producer Gary Goddard, who has disputed the allegations.


For Edwards and the rest of the cast and crew of “The Tricky Part,” the pandemic switched gears.

On Thursday, the film will be streamed online. Edwards also serves as the board chairman for the 1in6 organisation, which provides support and services to male survivors of sexual assault, in keeping with his enthusiasm for supporting male victims of sexual abuse.

Edwards has been able to devote even more time to the cause he cares so much about while in quarantine.

Edwards told Fox News, “The truth is, my profession as an actor is currently on pause.”

“Like so many others, we’re all taking a deep breath. Really, I’m grateful to have work like the 1 in 6 Organization to focus on and devote additional energy to.”

If there’s one thing the crisis has taught Edwards, it’s how folks all over the world, particularly New Yorkers, have banded together.

“It’s not surprising, but seeing people’s capacity to adjust and the way New Yorkers have banded together to help healthcare workers and neighbours is extremely moving.”

Every day, we go for walks, and folks are really making an effort to say hi and check how you’re doing,” he explained.


Of course, his role as Dr. Mark Greene on “ER” opened his eyes to the quiet of medical personnel years ago, and he is still inspired by their job today as he was then.

“The experience on the episode was incredibly validating to how fantastic it is that we have folks in the healthcare industry who really love what they do,” the actor remarked.

“You could tell the physicians and nurses we worked with on the show were fantastic at what they were doing because they liked what they were doing,” she says.

“I’m not surprised to witness storey after storey of brave healthcare personnel risking their lives to keep doing their job of caring for people, even when people are neglecting and not caring for themselves,” he continued.

“They’ll show up, and they’re not picky.” They treat everyone who comes in with the utmost respect. It’s fantastic.”

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