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Antonio Brown NSFW Texts E-mails To Britney Taylor [ Viral ]



Antonio brown emails

In the midst of a lawsuit, Antonio Brown’s claimed graphic messages to rape accuser surface

Antonio brown emails

Antonio Brown, the newly minted wide receiver for the New England Patriots, allegedly wrote detailed emails to the woman he is accused of sexually assaulting and raping in a lawsuit, and the explicit texts supposedly describe an interaction between the two.

Brown is accused of sexually assaulting the woman twice in June 2017 and rapping her in May 2018, according to a civil lawsuit filed in Florida by personal trainer Britney Taylor.

It was unclear whether Taylor, who has publicly identified herself as Brown’s accuser, had submitted any of the charges to authorities or if a criminal investigation had or would take place.

Brown is accused of exposing himself to Taylor “without her consent” and “masturbating near her without her knowledge and ejaculating on her back” in the 2017 events.

According to the lawsuit, Taylor ended her engagement with Brown following the alleged encounters, but he eventually reached out to her seeking forgiveness and wanting to train with her again.

Instead of trying to mend their relationship, she claims Brown approached Taylor on May 20, 2018 “According to the lawsuit, he “pulled her down into a bed, shoved her face into the mattress, and brutally raped her.”

“Throughout the rape, she yelled and wept, continuously yelling ‘no’ and ‘stop.’ Brown resisted and pierced her, according to court filings.

Brown is accused of sending Taylor two graphic emails in which he calls her a “weak b—-h” and a “sick a—h—.”

According to a date stamp, the messages were sent on June 29, although no year is visible in the screenshots that have been made public.

Taylor’s lawyer, David Haas, issued a statement on his client’s behalf.

“Deciding to speak up as an Antonio Brown rape victim was a difficult decision,” she added “Taylor said.

“I’ve drawn strength from my faith, my family, and the tales of other sexual assault survivors.

Speaking out relieves the shame I’ve been carrying for the past year and focuses it on the perpetrator of my rape.

I will work with the NFL and any other agencies as needed;

nevertheless, I respectfully urge that the media respect my privacy at this time.”

Brown’s lawyer, Darren Heitner, claimed his client disputes “every charge” and “refuses to be a victim of what he perceives to be a money-grabbing scheme.”

Taylor approached Brown in 2017 and asked for a $1.6 million investment in an unspecified “business project,”

According to Heitner, but Taylor didn’t tell Brown that “she had just been levied with a $30,000 IRS tax lien” or that “$300,000 of the $1.6 million so-called ‘investment’ was to be used to purchase property already owned by the accuser and her mother.”

Taylor allegedly shut off touch with Brown when he refused to give her the money, according to Heitner.

Taylor then promised to fly to Pennsylvania and South Florida with Brown to train in 2018, according to Heitner, and she engaged Brown in a “consensual personal relationship.”

“Any sexual relationship with Mr. Brown was fully consensual,” Heitner claimed, adding that Taylor travelled from Tennessee to Florida “ten days following the alleged assault” to see Brown.

Taylor “invited herself” to join Brown and a group of friends at a Miami club in May 2018, and subsequently “solicited” Brown, according to Heitner. The two “engaged in consensual sex.”

Brown, a native of Miami, was a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers at the time of the alleged assaults.

The Patriots issued a statement saying they are aware of the claims and will follow the league’s inquiry closely.

The statement stated, “We take these claims extremely seriously.”

“This organisation does not condone sexual violence or assault under any circumstances.

The league has told us that they will look into it. We won’t say anything else until the investigation is completed.”

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