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Arturo Money Heist Season 4 has everyone convinced ‘Arturito’ is the worst



Arturo Money Heist

Arturo Money Heist: Enrique Arce, the villain Arturo Roman in Money Heist, claims he pleaded with the authors not to include one upsetting scene.

Enrique Arce, who plays Arturo Roman, the show’s infamous villain, pleaded with the authors not to include his character’s most horrifying sequence. Money Heist, also known as La Casa De Papel in Spain, has just published the first half of its fifth and final season on Netflix. Professor (Alvaro Morte) and Salvador Dali-masked thieves seek to pull off their most daring theft yet – or die trying in many cases.

Since the first season of Money Heist, Arturo has been a mainstay. He was a shady hostage who was notorious for having an affair with his secretary Mónica Gaztambide/Stockholm (Esther Acebo) and became pregnant.

Arturo Money Heist

Outside of the cops, he is the show’s consistent de facto villain, as he tends to cause the bank robbers more difficulties than he’s worth. Arturo made several questionable moves throughout his performance, ranging from stunning to downright horrifying.

Arce started Radio Times to request the Money Heist authors leave his most controversial moment out of season 4 script. In season 4, Arturo turns on his prisoners, particularly Amanda (Olalla Hernández), a Bank of Spain employee.

He ends up drugging her and sexually abusing her in the bank, which is a shocking turn of events. Arce expressed his dissatisfaction with the sequence, describing it as “destroying the soul of this character.” Arturo was already unpleasant in an almost funny way, in his opinion, but the gory scene pushed it to a new level. Take a look at Arce’s comments below:

As the Money Heist seasons go, Arturo’s character becomes increasingly sinister. Due to his pride, he intentionally made himself a prisoner during the second heist in an attempt to capture the bank thieves.

After his heinous violation of Amanda and trying to do the same to Manila (Belén Cuesta), his fellow hostages turned against him. In Season 5, Arturo’s desire for vengeance is still strong, as evidenced by his unfortunate courage in attempting to stop the Money Heist criminals in the act.

Arturo attempts to rally the hostages once more in Season 5, but he has access to some extremely hazardous weaponry this time. However, it utterly backfires, as he puts himself and his fellow hostages in danger due to his sloppy planning.

After all of his hatred toward Stockholm, audiences were not surprised when she had to shoot her old boyfriend to save her companions and the Professor’s plot. Money Heist’s final episodes will determine whether or not he survives. Stockholm will not be able to come to terms with her acts against her baby’s biological father till then.

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