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The Colossal Huge Titan is a fantastic ally, but its immense power comes with some downsides. The Colossal Titan is perhaps the most recognised and well-known of the Nine Titans. After all, the Colossal Titan is the one that rips a breach in Wall Maria and sets the plot of Attack on Titan in motion.

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Attack On Titan

The Colossal Titan is also one of the more enigmatic Titans because it arrives and vanishes almost as soon as it appeared, and it takes the military a long time to figure out its secrets. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and being a Colossal Titan shifter isn’t all fun and games. While the Colossal Titan is an excellent combat asset, there are several drawbacks to deploying it.

THE HARD FACT: The Colossal Titan Is Way Too Big To Fit In Most Places

The Colossal Titan’s size, at 60 metres tall, is one of its most valuable assets and primary claim to fame. Unfortunately, this implies that the Colossal Titan cannot be deployed in most situations and can only be employed under specific circumstances. The Colossal Titan’s appearance in Attack on Titan was limited to very particular occasions in which his size and strength were required to continue or accomplish a mission.

ADVANTAGE: The Colossal Titan Is Nearly Indestructible

While the Armored Titan is probably the most indestructible, the Colossal Titan’s size is a significant benefit. For a beast the size of the Colossal Titan, even the sharpest blades will feel like papercuts. Whenever the Colossal Titan comes in Attack on Titan, the poor soldiers caught in its path are mostly helpless, and despite their best efforts, they are unable to seriously damage the Colossal Titan. The Colossal Titan is unlikely to be readily defeated without large and formidable armaments.

THE HARD REALITY: There’s A Chance You’ll Get Hurt When You Return To Human Form

Because the Colossal Titan is so tall, there’s a substantial risk of injury if he falls a long distance to the ground. It’s also feasible that the Titan shifter will perish as a result of the long fall. When the Colossal Titan transformed in the series, someone was usually present to grab the shifter when they returned to their human form. The Colossal Titan must have a clear plan in place for how they will break their fall after reverting to human form.

PERK: The Colossal Titan Can Repel Enemies With Super-Hot Steam

The Colossal Titan’s ability to control super-hot steam, which effectively wards off opponents, is one of its most formidable abilities. Titans in general emit enormous amounts of body heat, possibly due to their size, but the Colossal Titan appears to be the only one who uses its own body heat as a weapon. The main purpose of the Colossal Titan’s steam is to shield its nape from being attacked by a soldier wearing ODM gear. Steam has effectively rejected all military men who have attempted it.

THE HARD REALITY: The Colossal Titan’s Mobility Is Limited

The Colossal Titan’s huge size has one major disadvantage: its poor mobility. The Colossal Titan can’t move as rapidly or as agilely as the other Titan forms due to its massive body. The Colossal Titan, on the other hand, moves slowly and awkwardly, making it difficult to manoeuvre in a fast-paced environment. The Colossal Titan is best employed in very specific scenarios due to its limited mobility. The Colossal Titan was useful in surprise attacks, as shown in the show.

PERK: The Colossal Titan Can Kill Enemies With Minimal Effort.

The Colossal Titan’s massive size makes it easy to kill adversaries with little effort, but shifting gives it an even more powerful attack. It emits a powerful wave of energy that ranges in devastating strength when it transforms into the Colossal Titan form. Waves of heat are emitted from the Colossal Titan’s body on the lower end, but the energy emitted on the top end is comparable to that of a small nuclear explosion. In the second half of the storey, Armin Arlelt effectively annihilated Marleyan battleships by transforming into his Colossal Titan form.

THE HARD REALITY: The Colossal Titan Is A Simple Target And Is Very Visible

The Colossal Titan’s size is both a benefit and a disadvantage, as it offers it impressive destructive capabilities while also making it exceedingly visible. If the Colossal Titan is to be deployed in a fight, it must be done so with a well-thought-out strategy, as its size will quickly draw attention to it.

Bertholdt Hoover used his Colossal Titan form to launch surprise strikes on Shinganshina and Trost early in the series. He instantly reverted to human shape, adding to the Colossal Titan’s mystique.

PERK: The Colossal Titan Can Storm Heavily Protected Areas.

The Colossal Titan was able to rip big holes in Walls Maria and Rose with just a slight kick from its massive foot, allowing Pure Titans to enter and terrify the inhabitants. This suggests that the Colossal Titan is an excellent choice for attacking heavily fortified regions. It’s an easy matter of knocking down a wall to get past enemy forces, thanks to its vast size and hot steam to protect it from opponent attacks. It’s better if the Colossal Titan is accompanied by someone who can grab the shifter when they revert to human form.

THE HARD FACT: The Colossal Titan’s abilities are just too situational to be useful in all situations.

Although it possesses some extremely incredible skills, the Colossal Titan’s talents are far too situational to be deployed in every circumstances. Because of its size, it can’t be employed in covert operations, not to mention that the energy release and steam released during shifting practically announces its presence. The Colossal Titan’s skills are more situational than those of smaller Titans like the Attack Titan and the Jaw Titan, and they aren’t used as much in the series.

PERK: The Colossal Titan is so tall that reaching his nape is difficult.

If the Colossal Titan’s steam emission and explosive shifting power weren’t enough to keep it safe, the Colossal Titan’s size makes reaching its nape difficult even for the most experienced ODM user. Sixty metres is a long way up, and if the Colossal Titan detects an attack, it can release steam or swat away any threats. It was only because Bertholdt lost track of Eren during the struggle and was caught off guard that Eren Yeager was able to pull him out of the Colossal Titan.

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