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Baby Lives Matter



Baby Lives Matter

Outside a Planned Parenthood facility in Charlotte, an activist sprays the words “Baby Lives Matter

Baby Lives Matter

Baby Lives Matter : This week in Charlotte, N.C., anti-abortion activist Tayler Hansen painted the message “Baby Lives Matter” on the roadway outside two women’s health clinics.

The first was painted outside a Planned Parenthood building, and the second was painted near a clinic called “A Preferred Women’s Health Center.”

“I’m trying to raise awareness in a very nonviolent way,” Hansen remarked.

In Salt Lake City, Richmond, and Washington, he painted the same sentence.

Before it was sprayed over by other activists, WBTV’s Sky 3 took a picture of the painting outside the Planned Parenthood clinic.

Hansen’s painting outside the Planned Parenthood facility was covered with inscriptions such as “Your body, your choice,” and “BLM,” according to the local publication Queen City Nerve.

A request for comment from Planned Parenthood was not returned on Friday.

The phrase “Baby Lives Matter” is a play on “Black Lives Matter,” the anti-police brutality movement that has sparked thousands of protests across the country since 2013.

In the nation’s capital and other locations across the country, “Black Lives Matter” murals have been added.

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