Back To Scholl Necklace

Back To Scholl Necklace: As a parent, your top goal is to keep your children safe, but it can be challenging to recognize warning signs.
For example, if you overheard your child discussing ‘return to school necklaces,’ you might suppose they were talking about friendship jewelry; nevertheless, we’ve discovered the phrase actually refers to something quite dark and concerning.

What is the definition of a back-to-school necklace?

Back To Scholl Necklace

A brief Google search reveals that the phrase “back to school necklace” is a euphemism for a noose, and it is used as code for suicide by hanging.

The following is a definition and sentence example from the Urban Dictionary, which records the meanings of slang phrases:

“A noose is also known as a back-to-school necklace. This is related to the absolute misery you experience when school resumes.”

“School started Tuesday, and I couldn’t handle it any longer, so I went out and got a back-to-school necklace.”

Memes about back-to-school necklaces

Like many other adolescent trends, back-to-school necklaces can be found on social media in the form of hashtags and memes.

The most popular back to school necklace meme depicts the results of a Google image search, in which images of a noose appear when the word is searched.

Reactions to ‘back to school’ necklaces on Twitter

Even children appear to be looking for jewelry for their first day back at school, with shocking results…

Suicide among teenagers is on the rise.

When you consider that youth suicide is on the rise in the United Kingdom, the popularity of the phrase back to school necklace is highly concerning.

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), 232 young people (ages 10 to 19) committed suicide in 2015, up from 179 in 2013.

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