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Bad Bunny Crocs Price: Details and Prices



Bad Bunny Crocs

Bad Bunny Crocs Price: Just in time for Halloween, Bad Bunny has teamed up with Crocs to develop glow-in-the-dark clogs. Jibbitz charms inspired by Bad Bunny’s YHLQMDLG album, featuring stars, a planet, fire, and Bad Bunny’s logo, are included on the white clogs.

Bad Bunny Crocs Details

Bad Bunny Crocs

The clogs will be distributed a month before Halloween, just in time for the spooky season. On September 29, 2020, the Bad Bunny x Crocs will be published online at noon ET. Fans of the Bad Bunny will have to act fast if they want to get their hands on the limited-edition collaboration.

The Crocs x Bad Bunny clogs cost $59.99 and can be purchased at the Crocs online store. They’re likely to resale for much more on third-party retailers, so get to the Crocs website as soon as possible if you want to pay the original retail price.

In a statement on the Crocs partnership, Bad Bunny said: “I believe in being honest and not limiting myself, Bad Bunny Crocs Price which is something that Crocs also stands for, and this is the message I always want to send to my fans.

“Creating my own Crocs design was a lot of fun for me as a long-time fan. I want to encourage others to have fun in their unique way, with whatever particular flair makes them happy.”

Crocs’ head of global marketing, Heidi Cooley, added: “When we have the chance to work with people like Bad Bunny, who have a true connection to the brand and exemplify our ‘Come As You Are’ ethos, we are ecstatic.

“Bad Bunny’s Classic Clog, inspired by his outspoken attitude and audacious style, will stand out during the day and delight at night with an eye-catching, glow-in-the-dark twist.”

Crocs enthusiasts are in for a good month in October. Crocs introduced the Croctober Jibbitz charm Calendar last week, with 23 days of Jibbitz charm surprises (containing 50 charms) to assist fans countdown to Croc Day, which is on October 23.

The calendar is $49.99 and was launched on September 22. Beginning on October 1, fans may look forward to new surprises every day until the event concludes on October 23.

In a press statement, Cooley stated: “We’ve turned the month into a full-fledged, fan-focused holiday, thanks to the Croc Day celebration. All other holidays pale in contrast to Croctober for Crocs specialists, so we’ll encourage them to have a good time and be brave.”

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