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Why Manji Gang is the real leader of Baji Tokyo Revengers



Baji Tokyo Revenge

Baji Tokyo Revengers: Even though Keisuke Baji of the Tokyo Revengers was only the Division Captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang, he was the true gang boss in many ways.

Baji’s position in the bosozoku-inspired Tokyo Manji Gang, sometimes shortened to Toman, is highlighted in the Tokyo Revengers episodes that span Bloody Halloween. They provide viewers a history of how the gang came to be and glimpses into the lives of the main characters when they were younger.

Keisuke Baji is the formal captain of Toman’s First Division, but he’s also one of the original members, with official Toman leader Mikey, Draken, Mitsuya, Pah-Chin, and Kazutora. The roots of Toman serve to demonstrate that there would be no gang if it weren’t for Baji.

Tokyo Revengers follows in the footsteps of global anime hits like Tokyo Ghoul and Jujutsu Kaisen. And it couldn’t have arrived at a better moment. The anime was released shortly after the final episode of Jujutsu Kaisen aired, causing Tokyo Revengers manga sales to surge, dethroning Jujutsu Kaisen as the most popular manga in July 2021.

How Baji Tokyo Revengers Gained A Devoted Follower

Baji Tokyo Revenge

Tokyo Revengers is garnering a devoted following because to its time-traveling meets bike gangs narrative. The anime follows a group of divisive but adorable motorbike-riding kids who join together to survive the dangerous streets of Tokyo in 2005, and Baji may be the most important of the bunch.

Baji gave all for Toman and his friends, as only true leaders can. Baji announced his departure from the Tokyo Manji Gang just before the brawl between Toman and Valhalla (Bloody Halloween), which came as a shock to the gang’s leaders and Baji’s closest pals.

However, immediately before Baji drew his final breath, it was revealed that he manoeuvred similar to Tokyo Ghoul’s Kaneki, where he went on his own to save his comrades from Kisaki’s evil machinations, including the estranged Kazutora who converted into Toman’s opponent and fought for Valhalla. Mikey, Toman’s formal leader, was completely unaware of the plots unfolding right in front of his eyes.

Between the heated battles of Bloody Halloween, viewers are taken back to the characters’ younger days, where Baji demonstrated how deeply he is invested in the gang’s success. Baji was the one who came up with the concept of forming the gang.

After the Black Dragons beat up a lone Kazutora, the delinquent friends convened at their usual meeting spot, the Musashi Temple, to devise a scheme of vengeance for Kazutora. Baji proposed that the six of them form a gang to battle the Black Dragons, and he even assigned positions to them.

The friends agreed to Baji’s proposal and, like several of the best Japanese anime shows, purchased a Japanese charm to commemorate the occasion; they could only afford one, so they decided to give it to Baji. Baji kept it as a sign of their friendship and their promise to protect each other, and he kept it until his death.

Baji was the one who urged Mikey to create a better and more harmonious age for the delinquents. He decided what kind of gang woman would be; he declared theirs would be one in which members put their lives on the line for one another, and that’s what Tokyo Manji Gang has stood for ever since.

Baji’s influence and heart were the gang’s guiding light and moral compass throughout the Tokyo Revengers plot, even if he wasn’t officially the head captain.

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