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Ban Seven Deadly Sins: 5 Weirdly Secrets About Ban’s Body



Ban Seven Deadly Sins

Ban Seven Deadly Sins is Meliodas’ best buddy and one of The Seven Deadly Sins’ most complicated characters. Here are five lesser-known physical abilities that he possesses.

People with unique abilities abound in the Seven Deadly Sins, but they are unique to each individual based on race and training. Much of Meliodas’ power comes from his demon ancestors, while Elizabeth’s comes from her angel ancestors, and so on. Humans can attain abilities that others can only dream about.

Know 5 strange secrets about Ben Seven Deadly Sins

Ban Seven Deadly Sins

Ban is immortalised by the Fountain of Youth and endowed with enhanced physical powers by his time in Purgatory. When he possessed Meliodas’ body, he even took on the Demon King, suffering just minor injuries in the process. So, here are a few facts on how Ban is able to accomplish all of these incredible accomplishments.

1. Ban is capable of stealing your organs

Snatch is one of Ban’s special skills in The Seven Deadly Sins, and it allows him to steal physical objects or even people’s powers.

Its reach is limited because the powers can only be physical in nature (such as stamina or speed) and cannot be utilized to hurt another being. This doesn’t stop Ban from causing havoc, as he has been shown to use his Snatch abilities to remove organs from other people’s bodies.

Snatch can’t cut an opponent in half, but it can pluck out their beating heart. In contrast, it appears that Ban may use the “Gift” technique to offer his physical attributes to others.

He can also become invisible by taking other people’s perceptions of him. This loss of perception appears to extend to objects that allow one to observe others, such as a crystal ball.

2. Ban Is Invincible

Ban is — or was — eternal thanks to the Fountain of Youth. In pursuit of the Fountain, he proceeded to the Fairy King’s Forest, but instead encountered Elaine, the Fountain’s protector.

The two created a bond that was important in Ban’s attaining immortality. Elaine was unable to leave the woodland since her brother, the Fairy King, was absent from his duties, which included safeguarding the Fountain.

Ban and Elaine were both seriously hurt when a demon began burning down the forest, so Elaine granted Ban immortality by forcing him to drink water from the fountain. Later in The Seven Deadly Sins, in order to bring Elaine back to life after her death, he gave up the immortality he so dearly desired.

3. Ban is capable of wiping out an army in a single strike

Ban’s abilities are greatly enhanced when he uses his Sacred Weapon Courechouse. His physical and mental sharpness are pushed to their ultimate limits by a talent known as Super Concentration.

Not only that, but Courechouse can bend and stretch the chains that connect its segments at any angle. This is best demonstrated when he uses one massive swing of the staff to wipe out an army of Indura progeny.

This ability is derived from the weapon rather than Ban, although Courechouse appears to have been custom-made for him, so it’s unclear if others would be able to obtain the same results if they used it.

4. Ban has a curative effect

Ban is immortal and possesses a healing factor as a result of drinking the water from the Fountain of Youth. Each wound he gets in The Seven Deadly Sins heals almost fast, no matter how serious it appears. Not only that, but his own blood has a healing quality to it.

It’s been used to heal the hurts of others on countless occasions, and it’s even been used to repair the Fairy King’s Forest after it was burned down by the monster that killed Elaine. Unfortunately, Ban lost his immortality when he gave it up to bring Elaine back to life, which meant he lost his ability to heal others as well.

5. Ban is an expert thief

Ban was beaten and abused by his parents as a child in Ravens. He resorted to stealing to survive as a result of his dreadful family life. He was eventually imprisoned in Aberdeen, where he met Zhivago.

However, the two manage to flee, and Zhivago teaches Ban how to steal, albeit he is captured for a time. Even after they split up, he continues to train, becoming known as Bandit Ban and, eventually, the Fox’s Sin of Greed.

Ban even grabbed all of the kingdom’s plush animals at one point, making all of the youngsters cry. His desire to steal leads him to meet Elaine and get access to the Fountain of Youth’s powers. He eventually abandons his thieving ways and ascends to the throne of Benwick, with Elaine as his queen.

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