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Barrister Babu Written Update: Episode Barrister 12th November 2022 Happy Ending



Barrister Babu Written Update

Barrister Babu Written Update: The episode by pleading with Batuk to give her children. Batuk chuckles. Sampoorna wonders if a mother’s voice may make you melt. He claims that her love is all a ruse. Bondita’s pain is real, Trilochan argues; a mother’s cry for her children is real, and if she can’t meet them, she will die. Batuk inquires, “What did you say?” “She will die,” you respond, “superb, flawless.”

Bondita came into this house as a child, Anirudh saved her from Sati, he saved her life, Bondita wanted to argue and make a difference, she went to school because Anirudh fought for her rights, she broke the chain to get an education, then during her periods, girls weren’t allowed to go out, but Bondita went out and broke another chain, a woman’s place after marriage is in her husband’s feet, but she didn’t do this, Anirudh will be arriving soon.

Barrister Babu Written Update Episode

Barrister Babu Written Update

The babies are wailing. Bondita yells, “Batuk, open the door!” She makes a prayer to Durga Maa. She notices a large hammer rod nearby. She slams the door shut. Sampoorna says a prayer. Bondita, according to Batuk, is unable to break the bonds. A section of the door shatters. Bondita turns to Batuk and says, “Leave my babies.” They are Anirudh’s children, not yours, he claims. She claims that she only damaged a portion of the door, but if necessary, she will destroy the entire haveli. We’ll have to wait and watch what happens when a mother transforms into Durga Maa. He chuckles. Trilochan yells at Batuk, “Stop!” You can’t prohibit Bondita from meeting her children, says Sampoorna, because a woman is a symbol of authority.

Batuk ascends the steps. Bondita is summoned by him. He claims you like to play with fire, so let’s cross this fire and see what happens. He throws kerosene and a matchstick down. Bondita is engulfed in flames. He claims that Anirudh had to marry you to save you from Sati, and that you became a Roy Choudhary, which he despises, and that he will exact his revenge, and that the ritual will be finished. She yells for assistance. He tells you to shout louder. He laughs and returns. Anirudh arrives at the location. He is startled and exclaims Bondita….. Bondita notices him and is taken aback. Pati babu, she exclaims….

He rises from his wheelchair and collapses. She yells at him. Jai Durge….performs…. He dashes over to a water pump and fills it up. She believes I was correct in believing Pati babu is still alive. He gets it and extinguishes the fire. Mai ladunga….sings… Bondita sobs and embraces him. She pleads with us to save our children. He inquires as to what you mean. She informs us that you have become a father to our twin children. He gives a warm smile. But Batuk is stealing them away from us, she claims.

He inquires as to what you mean. She claims that the day you were swept away by the storm, Batuk arrived, and he believes I am to blame for your death. He yells Batuk and dashes to the door to slam it shut. Bondita observes and remembers Anirudh and her experiences. They get access to the residence.

They notice the infants on the sofa. He claims that our children… She smiles and nods. Trilochan unlocks the door that had been locked. There are Trilochan, Sampoorna, Somnath, and Bihari. Trilochan gives Anirudh a hug. Batuk has arrived. When he sees Anirudh, he says, “Big D.” He chuckles. Anirudh hits him across the face. He tells her not to assume my name, that she has no ties to my family or to him, and that she should leave the house. Batuk is taken aback and walks away.

You come at the proper time, adds Sampoorna, and you’re Bondita’s Rakshak babu. Trilochan expresses gratitude to Durga maa for safely delivering Anirudh to us. Yes, you are here due of Durga Maa’s blessings, and we should take the kids to Durga Maa first, according to Bonita. We’re all here because of her, according to Anirudh.

Anirudh and Bondita offer Durga Maa prayers. He claims that our children have overcome their difficulties; I am confident that they will speak out against harmful customs and break the chains; they will carry on our legacy and become barrister babu. Tujhko aaja tujhko aaja tujhko aaja t When they see their children, they smile.

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