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Batman Kills Joker: Batman’s No-Kill Rule Is Unquestionable



Datman Kills Joker

Datman Kills Joker: One DC universe pondered what would have to happen for Batman to eventually murder the Joker, and the Clown Prince of Crime’s dying words were revealed.

Batman’s no-kill rule has unquestionably kept a number of his most heinous foes alive, but one scenario pondered what might happen if the Dark Knight finally killed the Joker.

Superman dreamed of a future where Batman stopped the Joker before he got to Lois Lane and his unborn child in Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three.

The climactic battle between the renowned hero and villain was depicted in the comic, which also revealed the Joker’s gruesome final remarks.

Superman famously executed the Joker after the Clown Prince of Crime used a scarecrow toxin to deceive the Man of Steel into inadvertently killing Lois Lane and his unborn child while fighting Doomsday in Tom Taylor’s Injustice series.

After losing his wife and child, Superman went deranged, and the experience broke him. The Kryptonian began to seek retribution for himself, even if it meant murdering all who stood in his way. Injustice: Gods Among Us:

Year Three, a magical sleeping powder revealed what would happen if Superman saved Lois and Batman permanently ended the Joker’s reign.

Superman relives his most tragic day after being put to sleep with magic dust in Injustice God Among Us: Year Three #13 by Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran, Xermanico, Rex Lokus, and Wes Abbott. Instead of losing his family, Batman this time gets to inform Superman that Doomsday is actually Lois before it’s too late.

Superman wants to question Joker instead of killing him, but Batman intervenes. He swears to Superman that the Joker will never do him any harm again. When Batman puts him in the Batmobile, his arch-nemesis tells him that he is the reason he smiles and murders.

He tells Batman that he’ll keep torturing his pals and that he’ll “wait until [Superman’s] baby is born” before attempting to kill him again, adding that “children scream in a way that –” before Batman snaps his neck.

Batman instantly surrenders to the authorities. Superman expresses his gratitude to his friend for breaking his most important rule in order to keep his family safe. Superman would be able to live out his fantasies before being reawakened.

The attempt on Superman’s family by the Joker was the final straw for Batman.

When the Joker exhibited no remorse and stated that he would go after Clark and Lois’ child again, Bruce concluded that his moral code was not worth the deaths of those closest to him.

In terms of parting remarks, the Joker said goodbye to the hero by promising to torment him, though it’s unlikely he ever imagined Batman would eventually break.

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