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Top 5 Best Location Sharing Apps [Latest & Updated]



geozilla app
5 Best Location Sharing Apps

Looking for an app to follow friends or family? Check out these best location sharing apps to keep tabs on your loved ones.

Do you want an app to track the whereabouts of friends and relatives on a map? Admittedly, it seems a bit weird, but these days most individuals regularly advertise their whereabouts on social media anyhow. Surely one more privacy-eroding app won’t hurt.

If you want the greatest location-finding applications, GPS tracking apps, and techniques to find a friend’s whereabouts, keep reading.

1. GoeZilla(Geozilla) Family GPS Locator

geozilla app

GeoZilla Family GPS Locator is another program to track friends and family.

Unlike many location-sharing apps, GeoZilla Family GPS Locator is less of a drain on your phone’s battery thanks to the SLC (Significant Location Change) feature. It assures the app won’t start up if you walk a small distance within your property. Instead, it will only start recording after you go a sufficient distance.

Other features include alerts for when family members arrive at a place, seeing a week’s worth of location history on a map, and a means to assign location-based tasks with family members via shared to-do lists.

2. Glympse


Over time, Glympse has become one of the most popular location apps on the Play Store. The basic principle of the app is being able to quickly and simply share your GPS location with friends, family, and co-workers.

One of the best aspects of this phone tracker is that it doesn’t require receivers to join up to see where you are on a map—they just need a computer connection. That makes Glympse different from other location-sharing apps like WhatsApp and Google Maps.

Glympse also has a crucial safety feature—all “Glympses” automatically expire after a predetermined length of time. There is thus no fear that you’ll forget to turn off location sharing and mistakenly broadcast your whereabouts for hours.

3. A-GPS Tracker

A gps tracker

Although the major use case for many apps in this category is to keep a watch on your children, they are also beneficial for anyone who spends a lot of time off the usual road. Specifically, we’re talking about hikers, walkers, and campers.

Hiking in unfamiliar locations can represent a significant hazard to your safety. If the weather abruptly changes, it’s easy to become lost. As such, it could make sense to install A-GPS Tracker on your device before you go.

The developers built the map with hikers in mind. All the maps feature elevation measurements, and latitude and longitude coordinates for your location are provided in both degrees and UTM-WSG84. You can also load other users’ routes and get an audio alarm if you stray too far away from where you’re supposed to be.

4. Geo Tracker

geo tracker

Geo Tracker is another GPS tracking tool that is worth trying. Like A-GPS Tracker, it is especially geared towards persons who spend time in the woods, but it works in any setting.

It will plot your location on a map, but will also provide you with a plethora of additional data such as speed, altitude, vertical distance (for ascents and descents), and slope inclination. All tracks are recorded in the GPX and KML format, so you can import them into tools such as Google Earth and Ozi Explorer.

Other features include compatibility for Yandex Maps (in case you are in a nation where Yandex Maps is superior than Google Maps, such as Russia), and the ability to mark notable spots on your journey.

Most significantly, you may share your location with friends and family. It means you can find your pals’ phones in case you have not heard from them for a time.

5. Google Maps

google maps

Did you know that you can use Google Maps to track friends and family?

It relies on the individual disclosing their location with you, thus it might not be the ideal solution for some scenarios. However, for groups of friends or coworkers wanting to arrange a meetup, it will more than enough.

If you want to know how to share your location with friends on Google Maps, follow the methods below:

  1. Open the Google Maps app.
  2. Tap on your profile photo in the upper-right corner.
  3. Choose Location Sharing from the list of possibilities.
  4. Tap the New Share button in the lower-right corner.
  5. Set a duration for the sharing or select Until you turn this off.
  6. Choose the persons you want to share with from your list of contacts.

Remember, if you are a member of a Google Family Group, you will already have access to the GPS whereabouts of any participating children. And you can also use Google Assistant to track a phone.

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