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The 10 Best Sweet Home Monsters in the Manawa, Ranked

by Abhishek Singh
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The Sweet Home  Monster drawings in the manhwa Sweet Home by Youngchan Hwang and Carnby Kim are as terrifying as they can be. Here are the ten most terrifying monsters.

Sweet Home, the horror webtoon series created by Youngchan Hwang and Carnby Kim, has come to an end, and many fans were pleased with the story’s finale. The Sweet Home stars a diverse human ensemble who must battle a slew of monsters while attempting to flee their apartment complex.

Do you know about the 10 Best Sweet Home Monsters in Manawa, Ranked

Sweet Home Monsters

Carnby made sure that the monster designs in Sweet Home looked as terrible and ominous as possible, similar to Junji Ito’s awful character designs and Hajime Isayama’s creepy looking titans from Attack On Titan. As a result, it’s worth emphasising the ten most terrifying monsters that the webtoon has to offer. Here are the top ten creepiest-looking monsters from the manhwa, in order of appearance.

1. The Hungry Monster

The Starving Monster is the first monster Hyun Cha encounters in Sweet Home, and it has a hideous appearance comparable to most designs found in some of the best zombie anime. This woman had a tough work and lived in the same complex as Hyun before becoming a monster. The woman was starved to death, and her nutrition had an impact on the type of monster she’d become: a voracious, flesh-eating zombie.

It was sad to see the woman beg Hyun for food while she was transforming into a zombie.

2. Monster of Steroids

The Steroid Monster, who resembled the Hulk and several of his most powerful foes, wasn’t a creature anyone wanted to come across. The Steroid Monster is incredibly strong and durable, and the mere stamping of his foot is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. The Steroid Monster, like some of the mindless titans in Attack on Titan, will attack other monsters if they provoke it.

This monster’s diatribe took several battles for Hyun and his comrades to put an end to, and rest assured, it did not gain enough protein to heal from the thrashing it endured.

3. Monster with a Tongue

The tongue monster, which resembles a cross between Left 4 Dead’s Smoker zombie and Slender Man, is one to avoid. This monster, like a mosquito, utilises its excessively long tongue to suck the life force from its victims, leaving them shrivelled. Even if a human is hidden behind a wall, this monster’s tongue can easily pierce concrete.

Despite the fact that this creature constituted a menace to the humans in the apartments, Hyun cleverly uses the tongue monster’s tongue to halt an opposing monster, foreshadowing the tongue monster’s end.

4. Monster of Speed

The Speed Creature, arguably the fastest monster in the webtoon, is a terrifying threat due to its cyclops-like look and sadistic temperament. The Speed Monster is swift, crude, and immoral, having been a track-and-field competitor during its human existence. It is seen to have killed its human roommate out of jealousy. Although the Speed Monster isn’t as fast as some anime characters, it compensates by possessing a terrifying foresight.

Despite the monster’s slow speed, it posed a difficult obstacle for Hyun to overcome. Hyun, on the other hand, manages to utilise the monster’s might against it because to its overconfident mentality.

5. Slime Monster is a slime monster.

The Slime Monster’s look effectively emphasises its creepiness. The Slime Monster engulfs its victims with its slime to suffocate them, taking on a slimy, gelatinous shape with two floating eyes. Despite its ability to harm others, this monster is known for being the most cowardly of them all, which contributes to its creepiness, tragic past, and eventual end.

This monster was once a young child who witnessed a monster murder his mother in front of him, leaving him traumatised and terrified of being discovered by it. Despite Hyun’s efforts to persuade the monster not to kill anyone, his efforts are unsuccessful as the monster’s life is taken away by an evil group.

6. Monster with No Eyes

The Blind Monster’s Demogorgon-like physique is a sight for sore eyes, having had a significant part of its head ripped from one of Hyun’s buddies. The Blind Creature is a monster to fear on the battlefield because of its harsh demeanour, heightened hearing, and ability to shoot rocks to impale its victims.

Not only is the monster’s thin appearance terrifying, but its acts also traumatised a little child, leading to the child’s transformation into the liquid, cowardly creature. The Blind Monster was killed by one of Hyun’s comrades after multiple battles with humans and other monsters.

7. Monster Bat

The Bat Monster’s scavenger-like demeanour, paired with its sharp teeth, sinister eyes, and powerful bulk, is intimidating, evoking some of the most terrifying opponents Guts fought in Berserk. The monster’s capacity to fly is equally terrifying because, like an eagle catching a stray rat, it could carry an adult man or woman away one night.

Despite being beaten down by Hyun’s comrades, the monster recovers and continues its rampage. Although the Bat Monster is a scavenger at best, it refuses to consume victims who are in the process of becoming monsters. It’s unclear if the monster died or survived its final confrontation with Hyun’s monster-human hybrid, Ihyun Jo.

8. Monster with Eyeballs

The Eyeball Monster is known for being a peeping-tom creature at best, as evidenced by the panel in which it stares Hyun down from behind a window. This monstrosity has an oversized head with big, penetrating eyes and can extend its neck to a great length. Although it does not have the same man-eating, horrifying mentality as the others, if provoked, it will strike by displaying its hidden teeth.

The Eyeball Monster regenerated even after a character hacked off its head, but instead of an enlarged head, it had a neck covered with microscopic eyeballs.

9. Monster’s Child

The Infant Monster may appear to be the most innocent of the series’ monsters, but its sad, heartbreaking background adds to its creepiness. An elderly woman named Myeong-Ja Lim who lost her child in a tragic accident before becoming this baby-looking monster. When she was fighting the cannibalistic monster inside of her, she was in excruciating pain, which was difficult for Hyun and his companions to witness.

Despite the fact that she successfully prevents the monster from turning her into a cold-hearted predator, she regrets not being able to assist Hyun and his buddies in escaping the flats. As a result, Myeong-Ja transformed into a cocoon and was reborn as a larger infant creature.

10. Monster in the Face

The Face Monster is a beast that would give even the scariest creatures from Horror Manga shivers. This monster is tall and has a big face on its torso, as well as a twisted head. It’s a monster that will only attack if ignored or provoked, and it’s always looking for positive comments on its appearance from its victims. This monster’s appearance mirrors its human past as Jay Ryu, a fellow apartment survivor who loved looking in the mirror and aspired to be a celebrity.

Thankfully, its hideous appearance did not match its combat prowess, and Hyun is able to satisfy this monster’s need for attention and acclaim.

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