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Betting tips for the PGA Tour



PGA Tour

PGA Tour

The PGA Tour has just had a big dose of excitement injected into it this year thanks to The Masters. Not only did the first major of the year have the biggest purse in its history, it also saw unseasonably cold weather that affected everyone’s game, as well as the return of Tiger Woods after what many thought would be a career-ending injury. If things continue like this, then we are in for a very interesting season.

Betting on sports is becoming a more accessible hobby in the United States as more states pass legislation allowing for in-person and/or online sports betting. Now, people who have never had a chance to place a bet are looking to join in on the action.

But even for experienced bettors, betting on the PGA Tour can be difficult to navigate. Many American sports fans only follow the big-four American sports: football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. The PGA Tour has quite a different structure from those team sports, and unless you’re a golf fan, some of the terminologies can be hard to decipher.

This guide will explain some of the basics and give you tips for betting on the PGA Tour.

The PGA Tour

The PGA Tour is the main golfing tournament in the United States. Unlike the big-four sports mentioned above, which have a regular season followed by playoffs, the PGA Tour is made up of a series of self-contained events. A player’s performance in an event contributes to their standing in the overall Tour, though not every player plays in every Tour event.

The players who earn the most points are invited to participate in the PGA Championship, where they compete for the FedEx Cup. The PGA Championship usually takes place in May and the course changes from year to year. While this is the climax of the season, it isn’t the end of the Tour. There are more events through August before the next year’s events begin in September.

Trust the experts

This first tip is one of the most important. It can be fun to bet randomly, or based on your gut feelings, but if you want to bet seriously then you’ll need to listen to the experts. The best way to get access to experts who can provide you with tips, odds, and betting markets, is to use a respected bettors’ guide, like the PGA Tour guide at If you consult a guide that compiles all of the relevant news and statistics for you, it is much easier to place intelligent, informed bets.

Stick to the big events

If you’re new to betting on the PGA Tour, it can be tempting to bet on every single event. With over 100 players competing at each event, several hundred players eligible to try and qualify for each tournament, and a range of different courses that test a variety of skills, there are simply too many factors for a new bettor to keep track of.

When betting on the PGA Tour, start by only betting on the four major championships (the Masters Tournament, the US Open, the PGA Championship, and The Open Championship) and the two World Golf Championship events (the WGC Match Play and the WGC Champions). These events will feature the most high-profile players and have the most media coverage, which will allow you to more easily gather relevant information on which to base your betting decisions.

What types of bets are best for golf?

Even if the structure of the PGA Tour itself seems overly complicated, betting on golf is easy. The most popular bets are backing a player to win or place at an event. This is a straightforward bet that can also be customized. Instead of betting on an overall winner, you could back a different player for each round of a tournament, for example.

You can also place head-to-head bets, which can be fun. While golf is an individual sport, head-to-head bets allow you to pit one player directly against another. This way it’s almost like they’re playing against each other, not just against the course.

Research the courses

With a stadium or arena, there is very little room for variation. The fans might sit closer or the ceilings might be higher, it may echo more or have different lighting, but these factors don’t really affect what happens on the field itself. With golf, the course can change everything. Certain players are better suited to performing well on certain types of courses, so researching this aspect can help you make better-informed betting decisions.

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