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Bigg Boss 5 Tamil: elimination 13th Week is Sanjeev Venkat Get Ejected From Bigg Bos



Bigg Boss 5 Tamil

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil: Elimination – 13th Week  Is Sanjeev Venkat going to be ejected from Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5? The nation’s most controversial reality show, “Bigg Boss 5 Tamil,” is nearing the end of its voting.

During all the drama and emotions surrounding the “ticket to the finale” week, the program is in its 13th Week. After a grueling competition, candidate Amir was named the first BB 5 Tamil finalist.

This Week’s BB 5 Tamil eviction nomination list comprises eight suspense-filled elimination vote outcomes. As the probable finalists of BB 5 Tamil, Raju and Priyanka stay out of harm’s way this week.

Amir won “Ticket To Finale” after a hard fought battle with Sanjeev and Ciby.

Tamil Bigg Boss 5 Elimination

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil

The BB Tamil 5 elimination vote results indicate that Niroop, Sanjeev, and Thamarai are in grave jeopardy. Ciby has a good possibility of ending up in the danger zone for the Week 13gh eviction vote results.

Fans are ecstatic to see this elimination, whose trip will come to an end at this moment. It will be upsetting to watch whoever is eliminated, especially since the show’s grand finale is only a few days away. Below are the contenders that have been nominated for elimination.

The viewers were bored with the embarrassing tasks of the BB 5 Tamil ticket to the finale, but the show ended with a winner. Amir was the first wildcard finalist in the history of BB 5 Tamil after winning the ticket to the final task.

Pavni, on the other hand, is hoping to consolidate her vote base at a key time, but her fan support is ensuring her safety this Week. The other two unofficial finalists of BB 5 Tamil are Raju and Priyanka. Ciby and Sanjeev fought it out to win the ticket to the final challenge.

Today’s Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Elimination – This Week on Bigg Boss Tamil, who will be evicted – Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Elimination

After failing to cut BB percent Tamil’s ticket to the finale, Sanjeev enters the danger zone. Two wildcards in the top five contenders for the show is quite unlikely.

Niroop has had a significant boost in vote share, putting him on par with Sanjeev and Thamarai. Niroop, Thamarai, and Sanjeev are the competitors at danger of being evicted this Week on BB 5 Tamil. In the 13th Week of voting results, Raju and Pavni are safe.

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Nominated Contestants 13th Week

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Pavni Nominated
2 Niroop Nominated
3 Raju Nominated
4 Sanjeev Eliminated
5 Amir Nominated
6 Priyanka Nominated
7 Ciby Nominated
8 Thamarai Nominated

We’re here with a written update on Star Vijay’s Bigg Boss Tamil 5, which is currently airing and generating a lot of interest among viewers. The show has been upping the competition’s intensity and making it more fascinating each Week. We’d like to remind you that the show’s fifth season finale is only a month away.

The show’s contestants likewise take each job seriously and give it their all in the competition. The show’s finale race has also begun, heightening the tension. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from tonight’s programme.

Final Voting Trends for Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Elimination 13th Week:

  • Amir – SAFE (After Becoming The Ticket to Finale Winner)
  • Raju – 23% vote share
  • Priyanka – 21% vote share
  • Pavni – 12% vote share
  • Sanjeev – 7% vote share (Eliminated)
  • Niroop – 7% vote share
  • Thamarai – 8% vote share
  • Ciby – 8% vote share

The viewers will see another task in today’s show that will not be easy at all. This assignment will be completed with the elimination of one housemate, which is why it will be difficult for the housemates. However, not all of the contestants are in jeopardy, but five are.

Several conflicts will be witnessed among the roommates during this activity. Whatever happens, fans will undoubtedly love tonight’s episode, which contains high-voltage drama.

The housemates are given another difficult assignment in the latest promos, in which dice are provided to the contestants on which the photos of five candidates are printed.

The housemates begin rolling the dice when the first buzzer strikes, and the housemates must stop when the third buzzer chimes.

At this moment, the person whose photo appears at the top of the dice is automatically eliminated.

Raju will sit on the dice at a certain point during the work, preventing anyone from rolling the dice.

The roommates continue to roll the dice, and he falls to the floor, where he sits again. Later, Akshara approaches him and says she wants to roll the dice because her picture is on the top.

“You don’t have to,” Raju responded. You’re going to be bored.” After that, Akshara becomes

enraged and yells.

She gets into an altercation with Priyanka as well. Raju will be viewed as a disappointment to her. It will be fascinating to see who will be eliminated following this job.

Bigg Boss Tamil is a highly-liked show that has been performing well, thus we’ll keep you updated on the show’s written episode updates in this blog. As you are all aware, today is Sunday, thus you will be meeting the show’s most beloved host.

He’ll be in charge of a class for all of the inmates. For each other, he will be seen discussing the behaviour of all the housemates.

Two of the inmates are inside the dormitory, and it will be a disappointment to the spectators that they will not engage in a fight. As the task’s objective is to take a position for yourself, participants must also demonstrate why they deserve to be on the show.

However, both of them have been seen to be very calm, and there appears to be no disagreement between them. Later, we’ll notice that one of the participants who went down to the battleground and was called to help with home chores will be dragged off, even if it has been ruined or charred.

So we’ll see if Kamal sir can make the most eye-catching entrance possible when the show’s background music starts playing. So we’ll see that he’s been watching the Friday programme and has started a discussion about it.

He also examines the previous year and the challenges that the globe has faced due to the Covid-19. As a result, the convicts are forced to confront and defend themselves.

Kamal sir comes to their house to carefully listen to them and then tells them where they went wrong. He dealt with each of them personally.

The show’s atmosphere gets too tense and tragic. The detainees will appear remorseful, and they will even apologize to Kamal sir. Today is eviction night, and we’ll see how nervous the convicts are because one of them will have to leave the show tonight.

They’re all tense because this is the most depressing section of the show, and it has to happen. So, who will be ousted from the show will be revealed in tonight’s episode, so make sure you watch the whole thing.

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