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Black Friday Sonos: The product on online and its discount price



Black Friday Sonos
Black Friday Sonos: Sonos has recommended its consumers begin purchasing as soon as possible to avoid the “high demand and limited supply” that will occur in the weeks leading up to Christmas.
Black Friday Sonos Can find the warning on the prominent audio brand’s webpage, which promotes its annual Gift Guide, which divides its items into categories based on the type of person you’re shopping for — for example, the movie enthusiast, new mom, or nostalgist.

Sonos beam Speakers and Price | Black Friday Sonos

Black Friday Sonos

When you click on one of these categories, you’ll be sending to a website with various products, music from the free-to-stream Sonos Radio service, which is available to anybody with Sonos speakers, and more. Rather than comparing number-dense spec sheets, it’s a fun way to peruse Sonos’ speaker lineup.
On the other hand, most shoppers will put off purchasing a new Sonos device for the time being. This year’s Black Friday occurs on November 26th. Thousands of stores will reduce their prices during the massive sales event, providing some significant savings to customers eager to stock up for the holidays. And Sonos is no different.

Sonos beam kinds and sale discount | Black Friday Sonos

The Sonos Beam soundbar, Sonos Sub subwoofer, and portable Sonos Move were all cut by £100 in the sales last year, while the Sonos One and Sonos One SL (which appear identical but lack the AI voice assistant in favor of a lower price tag) were each dropped by £40.

While discounts on the Sonos One are typical throughout the year, the Sonos Move had never received a price drop before Black Friday. Similarly, the £100 discounts were a fantastic time to pick up the Sonos Beam for immersive sound on your flatscreen TV, with the option of adding the Sonos Sub for floor-rumbling bass.
Whether you were hoping to buy a single, smart speaker for the kitchen or spend a little more and build a 5.0 home theatre system (using one Sonos Beam and two Sonos One speaker), the Black Friday sales offered some fantastic deals.

Sonos beam new device on electronics brands

Unfortunately, there’s no news on whether Sonos will offer the same prices this time around — or even better ones. Since last year, Sonos has released the Sonos Arc, a Dolby Atmos-compatible soundbar, and the Beam, a second-generation device with enhanced appearance and sound.

The Sonos Roam, the second portable addition to the company’s lineup, has also been added. As a result, there’s a chance to obtain some fantastic deals on brand-new electronics.

If the company’s “limited availability” warning has made you nervous (after all, no one likes to open an empty box on Christmas morning), there’s still time to get some great deals before Black Friday. That’s because Sonos’ online store sells a variety of certified refurbished goods.

Sonos beam new brand second generation with discounts

Sonos specialists have all restored these speakers and come packaged in the same way as new speakers. Sonos’ certified refurbished goods are “thoroughly inspected to ensure typical Sonos quality,” according to the company. The same one-year warranty even covers them as to the company’s new versions.

The price, though, is the difference. While a brand new Sonos One SL costs £179, you can purchase the identical speaker as certified refurbished for £129. That’s a saving of £50. Sonos only cut the price of its Sonos One speakers by £40 during last year’s limited Black Friday deals.

So you’re getting a better deal than Black Friday – and you won’t have to worry about running out of stock because everyone is ordering on the same day.

The Sonos Move goes from £399 to £289 when purchased reconditioned through Sonos, and the Sonos Beam (first generation) costs £289 against £449 for a brand-new, second-generation Sonos Beam soundbar. Also included is a £100 discount on the all-singing, all-dancing Sonos Arc.

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