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Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Wedding



Blake Shelton Gwen

Blake Shelton Gwen : Gwen Stefani released another behind-the-scenes shot from her wedding to Blake Shelton, marking their two-week anniversary with a sweet photo from their wedding.

Blake Shelton Gwen

The couple, who have been dating since they both worked as coaches on “The Voice” in 2015, married in a grandiose wedding in Oklahoma during the Fourth of July weekend, officiated by none other than the singing competition’s host, Carson Daly.

Stefani commemorated the two-week anniversary of their wedding with a black-and-white photo of the couple entering a chapel created specifically for the occasion on Sunday.

Blake is shown in his tuxedo from behind, with viewers getting a glimpse of the back of his white Vera Wang Haute silk georgette gown.

Meanwhile, Daly can be seen standing in front of them, with guests on the sidelines.

She added, “happy 2 week anniversary,” with a heart emoji. She also mentioned her husband and Daly.

Daly revealed some information about the wedding with his co-hosts on the “Today” show the week after the wedding, who were eager to hear how the spectacular ceremony went down.

“They’re an unusual pair,” he remarked at the time, “as if you coupled wonderful fried chicken with champagne.”


VOWS Shelton and Stefani exchanged vows on June 29 at a modest church Shelton erected on a property in Oklahoma after filing for a marriage licence.

Daly, on the other hand, revealed that Shelton’s vows were not as formal as Gwen’s.

The world-class country artist, who struggles with words and emotions, took out his guitar and delivered an original song he wrote for the occasion, which served as his vows to his now-wife.

“He sings her a song that he made specifically for her while he’s crying… not a dry eye in the house,” Daly remarked.

“It was a bunch of ‘pinch-me’ moments,” he continued. The couple has been having a lot of fun since tying the knot on their years-long love.

Gwen corrected Shelton after he used what is now her maiden name, Stefani, during a concert in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, last week.

I was thinking it was Gwen Shelton now,” Stefani remarked as the singers prepared to perform, much to the pleasure of the audience.

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