Bob's Burgers Halloween Episodes

Bob’s Burgers Halloween Episode has a history of producing some of the most amusing animated Halloween specials. Here’s how we ranked them all.

Bob’s Burgers has swiftly become one of the most popular animated series of all time. Since its debut in 2011, the animated series has received a great deal of critical and financial acclaim. The show was named one of TV Guide’s Top 60 Greatest Cartoons of All Time in 2013. The series received Emmy Awards for Outstanding Animated Program in 2014 and 2017.

Every year, Bob’s Burgers airs a Halloween special that is always amusing, whether it’s the Belcher kids going Trick or Treating or Linda decorating the restaurant with bats, akin to The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror series. Every Bob’s Burgers Halloween episode is ranked here.

Bob’s Burger Halloween Episode is a popular and entertaining comedy

Bob's Burgers Halloween Episodes

Kristen Palamara updated this page on February 1st, 2021: Bob’s Burgers is a popular and amusing animated comedy that continues to provide chuckles and lovely moments between the Belcher family and their friends to television.

The Belchers always have a special episode for Halloween, in addition to other holiday-themed episodes like Thanksgiving episodes where Bob talks to the turkey or Christmas episodes where Linda decides to get a live tree right after Halloween and it dies on Christmas Eve, the Belchers always have a special episode for Halloween. Bob’s Burgers continues to air humorous Halloween specials, which occasionally succeed in scaring Louise and the audience.

Little Tina’s Pig Trouble (S10E4)

Tina encounters strange worries as her science class is forced to dissect a pig foetus in this episode. Meanwhile, a big ball of ear wax pits Bob and Linda against each other.

With the seasonal additions of the Drag Me To Gel: Hair Supplies, Exor-Pest Pest Control, 28 Maize Later Burger, and the Corn-Juring Two Burger sight-gags, the puns are in full force.

The Real Ghost And Tina (S5E2)

Tina and the Real Ghost” is a spoof of the eccentric Ryan Gosling movie Lars and the Real Girl, and it follows Tina’s amorous adventures with a ghost that lives in her basement. Louise is also dressed as Gosling’s character from Drive for Halloween.

A ghost named Jeff is summoned from the Belcher’s basement after playing the Ouija board and attending the graveyard with the older population as a Halloween custom. Tina develops feelings for the hideous creature, which she keeps in a shoebox.

Teen-A-Witch is a fictional character created by a group of teenagers (S7E3)

When Tamy steals Tina’s Halloween costume, the eldest Belcher daughter turns to nasty witchcraft for the third year in a row.

Tina decides to dress up as a Sand Witch in order to win her school’s Halloween costume contest. Tina faces a difficult dilemma when Mr. Ambrose the Librarian hands her a spellbook and tells her she must become a witch for real. There are also amusing sight gags, such as adjacent stores. The Bugs Are Coming From Inside the House exterminators and Sag Me to Hell: Bra Boutique

Hotel Heartbreak-Oween (S11 E4)

This episode features a humorous and frightening central plot in which the kids deliver a burger to a nearby hotel before going Trick or Treating for Halloween. They’re taking the burger to Dolores, who is conducting a seance in the hotel for her departed partner, whom she claims cheated on her the night he died there.

The Belcher children assist Dolores in determining what happened to her companion while simultaneously attempting to exact retribution against a house that refused to give Louise candies years ago. Meanwhile, Bob and Linda make an attempt to donate blood at a vampire-themed mobile van. In the opening credits, the gag storefront is called Someday Bloody Someday Gory Calendars, and the van is for She’s Super Squeaky Pest Control.

The Wharf Street Wolf (S8E3)

Things get tense when Linda tries to impress her kids on Halloween night by tracking down a werewolf terrorising the neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, Bob sustains an injury and is put on medication, leading him to believe Teddy has transformed into a werewolf. Freddy Kugel: Halloween Noodles and Polter-Mice Pest Control are located next door.

Night at the Fort (S4E2)

Nearby stores like Forgetta Bat It Exterminators and Johnny Razor’s Totally Normal Candy Store demonstrate the strange wordplay in “Fort Night.”

In terms of the plot, the spooky part occurs when the children’s Chinese dragon costume falls undone. When the costume’s eyes are discovered in the kids’ fort, a small gathering occurs. While everyone accuses Louise of being the bad guy, she knows the real threat is her next-door neighbour Millie (Molly Shannon).

On Ocean Avenue Street, There Is A Nightmare (S9E4)

“Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street” is definitely one of the best Halloween episodes yet, with apparent allusions to the classic Freddy Krueger franchise.

On All Hallows Eve, the Belcher children investigate who is taking candy bags from the neighbourhood. As a result, Teddy goes overboard with Halloween decorations in the restaurant in order to outdo a street seller. The My Bloody Kale-entine Burger is the burger of the day, and nearby sight-gags include The Bug-a-Dook Pest Control and the Those Who Can, Dle Candles business.

The Curse of the Haunting (S6E3)

Louise admits the night before Halloween that she has never felt afraid before. As a result, the Belcher family resolves to make amends by spending the night at a real haunted house. Louise, on the other hand, is unimpressed.

This episode is all about the amusing in-jokes, aside from the plot line that pays homage to the classic horror film The Haunting. Keep an eye out for the stores for Blood Bath and Beyond: Red Bathroom Products and Last Mouse on the Left Pest Control. If that doesn’t pique your interest, the Breaking Radish Burger of the Day will.

Full Bars is a term used to describe a set of bars that are (S3E2)

Despite the fact that Bob’s Burgers’ first Halloween episode didn’t air until Season 3, the first holiday-themed episode is still the finest.

Due to the scarcity of candy, the Belcher children choose to go trick or treating in the posh Kingshead Island area, where full-size candy bars are distributed. The only issue is the high amount of bullies in the neighbourhood. Before being horrified during the Hell Hunt attraction, the youngsters meet Ned and Milo. Who can say no to the Jack-O-Lentil, the wordplay Burger of the Day?

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