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Boujee Slang: Meaning And Its Uses On Lifestyle



Boujee Slangs
Boujee Slang:  first emerged in the 16th century in France. The term ‘bourgeoisie’ in French refers to self-sufficient merchants who enjoyed the social privilege.

Boujee Slang word uses on the Upper Class African American’s Hip Hop Culture

Boujee Slangs

Later, it coins to describe the middle class.’ Boujee came to indicate something unfair, arrogant, and snippy in the 1970s, and it was once again connecting with those from the middle class’ who pretended to be upper class.
Boujee or bad Boujee has touched with something ‘fake’ or ‘imitative’ since the 2010s.
It is a slang term popular among African Americans and in hip-hop culture.
Boujee or bougie slang refers to someone who appears to live a luxury lifestyle, wastes a lot of money on flashy trinkets, but is nevertheless ties to his poor roots.

Is it true that you’re Boujee?

There isn’t a precise definition for the term ‘Boujee.’ Nonetheless, there are several activities that Boujee individuals enjoy or do in common.
Do you want to see if you or some of your friends are Boujee? Consider the following suggestions to help you determine who you are.

Preferences‘ for coffee

You aren’t a coffee enthusiast. It’s never something you drink first thing in the morning or when you need an energy boost.
Nonetheless, you are always willing to part with a large sum of money to purchase a cup of coffee from a Hi-fi coffee shop.

Brands | Boujee Slang

Gucci and Prada, Chanel, and Victoria’s Secret, to name a few. A Boujee individual can’t picture their existence without the latest fashion labels.
Boujee wants to stand out from the crowd, even if it’s oddly. Its dress extravagantly but affordably, preferring to be recognized and noticed wherever they go.

Spa treatments and beauty treatments

For someone on a budget, a spa day is a beautiful treat. But it has nothing to do with it. Spas and various cosmetic procedures are everyday activities for Boujees.
They make it a point to appear gorgeous at the price of their own money.

‘Delicious food’ | Boujee Slang

For Boujee, a dinner at one of the top restaurants or eating costly food is like the breadth of life.
Even if a Boujee individual likes chicken, pizza, or French fries, they will indeed favor exquisite, high-priced meals.

Exceptional tastes | Boujee Slang

People in Boujee are highly concerned with anything that could use to define their ‘higher class.’
Plum career, high-end goods, great dining and beverages, opulent apartment with cutting-edge amenities, flashy automobiles, and wealthy pals.
It requires those items as much as he requires oxygen.

In popular culture, the term Boujee’s used

The term ‘Boujee’ and Boujee language have become extremely popular in recent years, appearing in songs, films, and other forms of media.
The following are some examples of Boujee slang: The hip-hop group Migos rose to prominence in 2016 after releasing the song “Bad and Boujee,” which showcases its vocabulary and flair.
And who hasn’t heard of “The Rolling Stones?” In the song “Play and Fire 1965,” the popular band also used Boujee language.
LCD Soundsystem’s ‘New York I Love You’ is another song using its vocabulary.
You must see Donald Glover’s acclaimed sitcom “Atlanta” to fully get what Boujee and bad Boujee entail.
Nobody can say for sure whether being Boujee is good or bad. Some people are entirely unaware that they are ‘Boujee.’ It have their way of living and attitude toward everything.
They resemble a segregated community of luxury and vanity. However, no one can pass judgment on you. It’s your life, and you get to decide what you want to do with it.
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