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Brayden Smith Cause of Death: Long running U.S. Game Show Champion



Brayden Smith Cause of Death

Brayden Smith Cause of Death: According to his family, Brayden Smith, the winner of JEOPARDY! Died unexpectedly at the age of only 24.

The five-time champion died abruptly earlier this month after becoming a fixture on the popular game show. But what happened to the promising young brainiac, and what killed him?

Brayden Smith Cause of Death, Who Was he?Brayden Smith Cause of Death

Brayden Smith enjoyed playing the saxophone and listening to artists such as Duke Ellington and the Beach Boys.

Smith was the last finalist on the long-running American game show while still hosted by Alex Trebek, who died of pancreatic cancer.

He was dubbed “Alex’s Last Great Champion” on social media and was excited to compete in the show’s Tournament of Champions.

However, the champion passed away abruptly on February 5, 2021, in Las Vegas at 24.

Debbie Smith, his mother, paid tribute to him on Twitter.

Pouring Tweets on the Death of Champion by the Fans

“We are heartbroken to share that our precious Brayden Smith passed away unexpectedly,” she wrote. We are ecstatic that Brayden was able to pursue his passion in the face of adversity.”

“The outpouring of love for Brayden is incredible,” she added in a subsequent tweet.

“We can’t tell you how much your kind words have helped us get through this difficult time. “Thank you very much.”

What was the cause of death for Brayden Smith? | Brayden Smith Cause of Death

Smith died of natural causes, according to reports.

The Las Vegas Journal Review has since reported that he died due to complications from surgery after being hospitalized for several days.

According to TMZ, who cited a family source, Brayden died of natural causes after suffering a medical emergency.

In Jeopardy, how much did Brayden Smith win?

Before the death of former host Alex Trebek, Smith had a five-game winning streak that netted him over $115,000.

Smith earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, in 2020.

He intended to go to law school and work for the federal government as an attorney.

“The JEOPARDY! the family is grieved by the untimely loss of Brayden Smith,” a tweet from the show’s official Twitter account read after the news of his death.

“He was sweet, witty, and bright all at the same time. Brayden’s family has our heartfelt sympathy. He’ll sorely miss.”

Smith was honored on Jeopardy! on Friday, May 21

Champion Shows and establishment of Funds on his name by Family

“You’ve now met all 15 of the players that qualified for the Tournament of Champions – well, almost all,” guest host Buzzy Cohen began the tribute.

“Earlier this year, Brayden Smith, the great young man who won five shows and $115,000 in January, died,” Cohen added.

Smith’s family “has established a fund in his name,” according to the guest presenter, and the show will donate to it.

“We want to send our sympathies and best wishes to his family,” Cohen said.

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