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Campania Restaurant Owner Found Dead



campania restaurant

At the restaurant, a Suicide Chef had a Secret Girlfriend

campania restaurantCampania Restaurant : According to accounts, the married reality-show restaurateur whose body was discovered floating in the Hudson River had developed a liking for his pastry chef.

In a 2007 episode of “Kitchen Nightmares,” TV chef Gordan Ramsay warned Joseph Cerniglia that his debt-ridden bistro was “about to swim down the Hudson,” and Cerniglia ominously plunged to his death from the George Washington Bridge last week.

Before he took the deadly fall, the 39-year-old chef and owner of Campania was having a romantic affair with Jessica Marotta, his much younger cookie-cutting cutie, according to reports.

Ana Marotta, the pastry chef’s mother, stated, “They loved each other very deeply.”

Jessica, who had worked her way up from waiter to co-owner of Cerniglia’s Campania restaurant in Fair Lawn, NJ, was “devastated,” Ana added.

After spending time with Cerniglia’s mother, Marotta, a striking brunette cannoli-stuffer, was too distressed to speak to a reporter yesterday.

With his wife, Melissa, the late, attractive head chef had three young sons.

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