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Alleah Taylor, Chad Wheeler’s ex-girlfriend, felt she was going to die following an alleged domestic assault

chad wheeler wife

Chad wheeler wife : Alleah Taylor, Chad Wheeler’s ex-girlfriend, revealed last week that she felt she was going to die during the alleged domestic violence incident in January.

Taylor went into greater detail about how Wheeler, a former Seattle Seahawks and New York Giants player, acted on the night he is accused of assaulting her and leaving her bleeding with a concussion and a fractured arm.

“He appears to be highly emotional in my mind. He’d recently returned from a difficult trip to Los Angeles.

All he needs to do now is cry it out and get it out of his system.

The next morning, the next day, we’ll be on vacation. It’ll be fine, and my house is a safe haven, so I just assumed that was it,” Taylor said on “Daily Blast Live.” “this coming Tuesday

“When he put his fingers around my throat, I thought to myself, “OK, I’m going to die.

” As soon as he started strangling me, I didn’t think I’d make it “she stated

Taylor said she was heartbroken during Wheeler’s altercation with cops, when he allegedly asked the policemen how they were doing but didn’t check on her.

She went on to say that she believes he has to serve time in prison in order to properly comprehend the repercussions of his conduct.

“He nearly killed me, and he knows how important I am to so many people, so he did it in such a cruel way.

And then, despite being in court and hearing that he still wanted to go to Hawaii afterward, he anticipated to go on vacation.

I just don’t believe he completely comprehends the implications “she stated

“This isn’t the first time he’s had a violent run-in with the cops,” she continued.

“I just think he needs to comprehend the ramifications of his actions… I simply do not believe that his not going to prison would be good to him or to the public’s safety.”

Following the alleged confrontation with Taylor, Wheeler was charged with first-degree domestic abuse, domestic violence illegal confinement, and resisting arrest. To those charges, he has pled not guilty.

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