Chainsaw Man Makima

Chainsaw Man Makima: In an amazing masterpiece, illustrator Null captures the beautiful essence of Devil Hunter Makima in a new Chainsaw Man fan painting.

Makima, the gorgeous Devil Hunter, is shown in an amazing dream-like masterpiece in a breathtaking new fan art visual of Chainsaw Man fan-favorite Makima.

Chainsaw Man is a film directed by Tatsuki Fujimoto that depicts the misadventures of Denji, a recently discovered Devil Hunter with Devil powers who takes on the heart of his pet devil dog, Pochita.

The horror manga first appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump in 2018 and has now sold more than 11 million copies across eight volumes. Fujimoto is now working on a sequel to Chainsaw Man as well as a new one-shot manga after winning multiple honours, including a Harvey Award for best manga in 2021. Studio MAPPA is also directing the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man, which will be released later this year.

Makima, the Chainsaw Man waifu, is depicted in an attractive light in a stunning fan art illustration shared on Twitter by artist @null u. Makima looks stunning while standing on a big staircase, wearing a stunning white dress instead of her normal black and white work outfit.

Her brilliant red hair stood out against the blue countryside sky as the enigmatic Devil Hunter wore her distinctive side braid. The stunning watercolours perfectly capture Makima’s sly character in her connection with Denji, setting the tone for this engaging composition. Devil Hunter’s plans are far more nefarious than what she puts on display behind her thin smile.

Makima is a higher-ranking official in the Public Safety Devil Hunter group, so the fan art accurately reflects her position. Makima wields enormous influence as the commander of Tokyo Special Division 4, thanks to her contracts with the Devils.

Her infatuation with Denji stems from his Chainsaw Man devil powers, which can consume any devil and destroy their existence. Makima uses chaotic manipulative tactics and grooming behaviour in conjunction with her beauty to acquire control of Denji while holding the key to her ulterior motives.

Denji, unlike other Shonen heroes, wishes to find a girlfriend. Unfortunately, Denji’s dating life was almost non-existent until he met Makima, due to his unhappy upbringing of having to work off his father’s debt.

Denji becomes so enthralled in fulfilling his dream after meeting the first woman he’s ever met that he joins the Devil Hunter organisation. Makima’s psychological manipulation is regularly tied to her promise of sleeping with Denji, but this promise eventually leads to a dreadful coping strategy in the manga’s conclusion. This is why Null’s developing Chainsaw Man fan art captures Makima’s sneaky fox personality so brilliantly.

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