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Here’s why Chappie 2 will never happen?



Chappie 2

While fans may be yearning for more Chappie 2, here are the reasons why a sequel will never be made. With his 2009 debut, District 9, Neill Blomkamp made a great impression. The film was a huge undertaking that managed to blend violent action and amazing effects while also tackling xenophobia and racism via a science fiction lens. The film also introduced audiences to Sharlto Copley, the film’s main man.

Elysium, starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, was Blomkamp’s next film. The tale was convoluted and confused, and the filmmaker has subsequently confessed that he feels he could have done a better job with the subject. Chappie, a sci-fi drama about a police robot who becomes sentient after being seized by thieves, was his most recent film. Hugh Jackman and Sigourney Weaver had significant supporting parts alongside Copley in the film.

Chappie was described as an R-rated hybrid between RoboCop and Short Circuit, and while the film had plenty of ambition, it received generally poor reviews. The film has already developed a cult following, but while some fans are eager to see what happens next with the main character, Chappie 2 is not in the works.

Chappie 2 was a flop at the box office.

Chappie 2

While poor reviews don’t always mean doom for possible sequels, in the case of Chappie 2, the first film’s underperformance certainly does. On a budget of $49 million, Chappie grossed slightly over $100 million worldwide. It’s improbable that the film made a profit after marketing and other expenses.

Blomkamp planned Chappie as a trilogy, but despite the film’s cliffhanger finale, in which Chappie resurrects both his inventor Deon and “Mommy” Yolandi as robots, there’s been no indication that the studio is pressing for a Chappie sequel.

Chappie 2 has been ruled out by Neill Blomkamp.

Neill Blomkamp has expressed his pride in the final film and how personally devastating its failure was for him. While it’s evident that he adores the character, he’s also a realist, and he’s stated that a sequel will not be made due to the original’s poor box office performance. The director overcame the disappointment of the film’s failure by founding Oats Studios and producing a slew of intriguing short films, including Rakka and Zygote.

The Next RoboCop Film Will Be Directed by Neill Blomkamp.

While it isn’t Chappie 2, Blomkamp’s next project is the RoboCop Returns sequel. This remake of the franchise will be a direct sequel to the legendary 1987 original, with Blomkamp aiming to make the film feel like it was directed by original RoboCop director Paul Verhoeven. Returns is likewise based on an unfinished sequel script by the writers of the first film.

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