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Christen Limbaugh Bloom



Christen Limbaugh Bloom

Christen Limbaugh Bloom: After the tragic loss of Uncle Rush, here’s how God aided me in regaining my faith

Christen Limbaugh Bloom

Christen Limbaugh Bloom : Almost every person on the planet has suffered some form of loss in the last 12 months.

We’ve all lost our former lifestyles as a result of the global pandemic.

Many of us have lost loved ones who we know are irreplaceable in our lives, which is even worse.

Rush Limbaugh, my uncle, was that figure for me and my family.

Not only our family, but numerous adoring admirers prayed and petitioned for Uncle Rush’s recovery for a year.

I texted Uncle Rush shortly after his diagnosis and encouraged him with Romans 8:28: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”


“Christen, I believe that verse to a T!” he replied. He explained that, contrary to popular belief, this verse does not imply that everything that happens to us is always beneficial, but rather that “God Himself IS GOOD” and that “potential for good in all that happens” as a result of that reality.

Uncle Rush was like that, always finding a ray of hope in the midst of a gloomy and damaged world.

My family has been dealing with the aching reality of his absence since his death, even though we know he is now at peace with Jesus.

I fully understand why there are so many books and theories about grieving; it comes in waves that are inexplicable as time passes after a traumatic loss, and it makes us question our faith at times.

Maybe you’re going through the phases of sorrow right now and doubting God’s purposes as well.

If that’s the case, I’m here to tell you that God has a plan to bring joy back into your life, and He truly wants you to regain your faith.

Remember that God intended for each of us to feel a variety of emotions. Jesus not only endured pain throughout His time on earth, but He also responded to His friends’ grief with great compassion.

Pastor Tim Keller once presented a sermon about “doubting Thomas,” in which he emphasised that Thomas’ doubt regarding Jesus’ resurrection stemmed from a place of deep and painful loss, not from a place of pride.

Keller was well aware that Thomas had recently lost his best friend and the guy he saw as His personal Savior.

While people may blame Thomas for his scepticism, Jesus recognised Thomas’ heart and the heavy load he was carrying.

That is why we see Jesus appear to him tenderly, showing him the exact scars he had requested in order to believe.

The death of Jesus’ companion Lazarus is another example of Jesus’ heart being stirred by His friends and followers’ sadness.

Mary, Lazarus’ sister, falls at Jesus’ feet after his death, wailing, “Lord, if only you had been here, this would not have happened!” (See Luke 11:32.)

People who are familiar with this narrative know that Mary’s grief moved Jesus so much that He wept as well.

A friend recently presented an intriguing hypothesis that Jesus was pained not just by Mary’s grief over her brother, but also by the fact that Mary had put her faith in Him and now thought He had let her down.

Have you ever had the same experience as Mary? Have you ever wondered, “Where were you, Jesus?”

Take comfort, and remember that God did not intend for death, mourning, or brokenness to exist in the world.

He despises the fact that we have sinned and are now facing indescribable agony and suffering in this world. He weeps when we weep, and he can’t bear seeing our hopes dashed.

Don’t be hesitant to bring your feelings to Jesus if you’re caught in a position of bitter frustration or despair.

Don’t be afraid to ask Him questions and give Him responsibilities that only He can answer and carry.

Jesus gave advice on how to make our prayers more successful in His Sermon on the Mount: “Keep asking, and you’ll get what you’re looking for.

You’ll find it if you keep looking. Keep hammering, and the door will eventually open ” (Matthew 7:7).

When you feel as if Jesus has abandoned you, keep asking. Keep seeking His presence when you’re unsure about the next move to take.

This concept is brought to a close by Jesus’ words, “Do you give your children a stone instead of a loaf of bread when they beg for it?

Do you give them a snake if they ask for a fish? Certainly not! So, if you sinful parents can give good presents to your children, imagine how much more your heavenly Father will give good things to those who ask.”

We, like Uncle Rush, must accept Jesus’ revelation about who the Father is in order to find the strength to keep searching for His kindness in every situation.

God is a MERCIFUL Father. He offers us bread when we ask for it! And this bread not only meets a need, but it also satisfies a deep need in each of us for His perfect peace.

“I’ve taught you these things so that you may find comfort in me. You will face difficulties in this life. But don’t despair! I have triumphed over the world ” (John 16:33).

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