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clay travis and his wife

Clay Travis: Nikole Hannah-Jones’ Cuba perspective is terribly lacking in perspective Perhaps unsurprisingly, “1619 Project” founder Nikole Hannah-Jones remarked on a podcast in 2019 that “Cuba has the least inequality between black and white people of any country actually in the hemisphere.”

clay travis and his wife

“Everyone has different interpretations of history,” Clay says in his latest video, “but they all need to be supported in some shape or manner by fact.”

“But Jones said that Cuba is the most equal country in the Western Hemisphere, and she was saying it in praise of Fidel Castro and in praise of Cuba, and I believe that this is something that deserves more attention.”

UFC’S JORGE MASVIDAL CALLS COLIN KAEPERNICK COWARD OVER FIDEL CASTRO T-SHIRT The equality angle is so amusing because, yes, they may be equal in some ways… but everyone lives in an awful environment,” as Clay puts it.

In other words, those who support communism don’t want “a wide variety of outcomes,” as Clay puts it.

Basically, equal isn’t good for anyone when “equal” actually means “equally bad.”

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