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Creme Savers: Story of Candies and its different flavours



creme savers

Creme Savers: A popular saying goes something like this: “We all want what we can’t have” or something similar (sorry, I don’t recall the exact phrase). Well, there was one candy in particular that I used to eat all the time when I was a kid.

My grandma would mysteriously take one special candy from her purse and don’t even get me started on how excited I was to see it in my Easter basket. So, what was this oh-so-delicious confection that had such a stronghold on my 9-year-old self… HARD CANDY FROM CREME SAVERS!

Creme Savers Story of Candies

creme savers

I would devour up these small hard candies as if my life depended on them, whether they were Orange & Cream or Strawberries & Cream. Then, all of a sudden, poof! There were no Creme Savers to be found.

Creme Savers was first developed in the late 1990s to become a creamier version of Lifesavers. They quickly became a popular candy in the early 2000s but were abruptly withdrawn in 2011. Few people know why a fan favourite was discontinued – it’s one of the great mysteries of the candy world – but, hey, let’s not dwell on the past; let’s live in the present.

The earlier sweets were available in some flavours, including tropical cream, but now Iconic Candy focuses solely on the two original tastes, Strawberries & Cream and Orange & Cream. When it comes to Creme Savers, it’s best to stick to the basics and be grateful that yet another generation of candy lovers may enjoy these delectable chocolates!

We haven’t seen these around, hard candies in our warehouse in a decade, but we’re ready to see them again. Grandma’s pocketbook will never be the same, and those glass candy dishes will have to take place for the hard candy favourite has return. However, you’ll need to act quickly since these puppies are likely to fly off the shelves!

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