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10 Most Beautiful and Cutest Anime Boyfriends, Ranked



Cute Anime Boyfriend

Cutest Anime Boyfriends: The world of amine is a fertile ground for romance, and these ten boyfriends from various episodes are role models for amorous behaviour.

Is it possible to smell it? There’s a sense of romance in the air. We’ve seen the greatest of the best and the worst of the worst couples, as well as romances, in a variety of anime over the years. But that’s not what we’re talking about this time; we’re talking about boyfriends.

10 Most Beautiful and Cutest Anime Boyfriends

Cute Anime Boyfriend

These are the boyfriends you wish you had when it’s chilly outside, when you need a hug the most, and when you want to exchange one of the nicest kisses you’ve ever had. And, since Valentine’s Day approaches, we’re taking advantage of the opportunity to handpick the best anime boyfriends.


We’ll start with Touya Kinomoto from Clamp’s magical girl classic Cardcaptor Sakura, which was released in 1998. As this anime presented one of the oldest and most beloved LGBTQ+ couples, his character made a leap of faith. Their love extends to other universes created by Clamp, such as Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.

Touya expresses his love for Yukito in a variety of ways throughout the anime. Touya, who was born with a gift for magic, can detect the difference between humans and mystical beings. Despite the fact that Yukito was Yue’s alter-ego, a Guardian of the Clow Cards, he treated him equally. Touya even sacrificed his magical abilities in order to preserve Yukito’s life, as well as his capacity to see his departed mother.


If you enjoy a romance between a prince and a hardworking lady, Snow White with the Red Hair, as well as the love interest, is exactly up your alley. Zen Wistaria, the second prince of Clarines, enjoys venturing out of the castle to see the sights. During one of his adventures, he met Shirayuki, and after numerous difficulties and tribulations, they fell in love and began dating.

Although he appears arrogant at first, his love with Shirayuki transforms him into a nice individual. He’s always worried about Shirayuki’s well-being and encourages her to pursue her dream of becoming a Court Pharmacist. Despite the fact that their marriage is contentious, he is insistent in making her his wife.


Shouta Kazehaya is one of anime’s most considerate partners. Sawako Kuronuma wishes to make friends, but her likeness to a horror film figure causes her to be shunned by everyone. Sadako, the protagonist from The Ring, is her name.

Despite this, Shouta has liked her since the day of the admission ceremony, when he saw her smile and decided to go past the stories and get to know her firsthand. He encourages Sawako to believe in herself when she doesn’t. Despite another girl admitting to him after they start dating, he remains committed to her. Shouta is a rare example of a loyal and caring lover, which is why he made our list.


Renton Thurston isn’t any less of a boyfriend because he’s left out of the conversation. Eureka 7: Psalms of Planets is mostly a mecha anime, but there are hints of romance as the series progresses. When Eureka crashed into the top of his grandfather’s house, Renton fell in love with her at first sight.

Despite numerous disclosures throughout the anime, such as Eureka’s identity as a Coralian rather than a human, Renton treats her the same and embraces her for who she is as a person. He also looks after Eureka’s adoptive children as if he were their father and travels with her to the moon, where they dwell together.

VIKTOR NIKIFOROV (YURI ON ICE!!) is a Russian actor.

Viktor Nikiforov from Yuri on Ice is a guy that is both huggable and charismatic. Viktor was a legendary figure skater who Yuri admired since he was a child, so things get a little more tricky than he expected when he becomes Yuri’s coach.

Viktor is quite flirty, making advances at Yuri on a regular basis, but he also knows when to be serious. He always encourages Yuri to do his best in figure skating and attempts to instil confidence in his abilities in him. These attributes, combined with Viktor and Yuri’s engagement in the series, make him one of the best boyfriends on the list.


Kyo Sohma is the right boyfriend for you if you want to claim a tsundere. Despite the fact that Fruits Basket was released in 2000, he is still included as one of the top contenders for tsunderes on many lists. He has a harsh tongue and a sour attitude, but after being moved by Tohru’s generosity, he gradually opens up to her.

Kyo begins the storey as a loner until improving himself. He is cursed to turn into the zodiac cat if hugged by the opposite sex. Tohru’s attitude toward him alters dramatically as he accepts his true nature. He addresses her by name and carefully picks his remarks so as not to offend her. Kyo has stood the test of time as a sweet tsundere who you wish was genuine.


Shaoran Li, the antagonist turned deuteragonist from Cardcaptor Sakura, is featured here. Shaoran later fell in love with Sakura, despite first despising her for being named the Cardcaptor of the Clow Cards and even competing to catch them. The transformation from him as a child to a teenager was phenomenal after he confessed his love and they became a couple.

He assisted Sakura in collecting the Clear Cards in the sequel when they first started dating, made sure she wasn’t rushing between her duties and school activities, and is supportive of all she accomplishes. He also keeps Sakura’s plush bear on his desk, demonstrating how much he adores her.


Have you ever wished for a caring otaku to date? Then Wotakoi’s Hirotaka Nifuji is your ideal match. Hirotaka is an otaku, a person obsessed with a certain subject, who enjoys video games, anime, and manga. He’s dating Naruse, an enthusiast who enjoys all things anime, but especially the guys’ love genre.

Hirotaka is the one who asked Naruse out because he has loved her since childhood, which just adds to his charm. Hirotaka is on this list because, despite his laid-back manner and direct demeanour, he embraces Naruse for who she is and is unconcerned with her interests as long as they make her happy.


Sakuta Azusagawa is what happens when an author creates a harem protagonist who is exclusively interested in his lover. Bakemonogatari, I’m looking at you. Sakuta, who made his 2018 debut in Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, is undeniably devoted to his lover, Mai Sakurajima. They become a pair after he declares his love for Mai on the school grounds after curing her of Puberty Syndrome in three episodes.

Sakuta also expresses his affection for her, as well as her abrasive demeanour, as he reveals that he enjoys being lectured by her. Sakuta is an excellent pick if you want a boyfriend who is always truthful.

TAKEO GOUDA is a Japanese actor. (THE STORY OF MY LOVE!!)

It’s time to crown Takeo Gouda from My Love Story as the boyfriend of all boyfriends. Takeo is undoubtedly the kindest, purest, and most caring boyfriend of all time, standing at 6’7″. She declares her love for Rinko after saving her from being groped on a train, and the two begin dating.

Takeo is a derriere, a love-struck character who displays overwhelming adoration and affection. Takeo expresses his love for Rinko on several occasions, but he is never sure if he is good enough for such a perfect girl, despite her love for him. Takeo’s altruistic personality is what elevates him to the top of the list as the best anime boyfriend.

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