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Dakota Skye – Who Received Backlash for Flashing Breasts at George Floyd mural



dakota skye

Dakota Skye is an adult film star, was discovered dead in Los Angeles, according to a family member.

Skye’s original name was Lauren Scott, and her aunt said in an interview that she came from a family with a history of addiction.

Dakota Skye, the porn girl who got backlash for flashing her breasts at a George Floyd artwork, was discovered dead.

dakota skyeLinda Arden told The Sun, “She died almost exactly two years after her mother, my baby sister’s, death, which was caused by addiction and alcoholism.”

“Lauren was the result of a severely dysfunctional household that included drugs, alcohol, physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse,” the aunt continued.

Skye’s body was discovered by her spouse, who was not named, at her Los Angeles motorhome, according to the storey.

Lauren Scott, a woman who died on June 9, is currently being investigated by the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office, according to a spokesperson for the office.

Her age was 27 and she was described as “homeless” by the office.

An autopsy was performed two days ago, but the official said the cause and method of her death had been postponed pending “further inquiry.”

According to the article, Skye came under fire in the weeks preceding up to her murder over an Instagram photo she posted showing her flaunting her breasts to the camera while standing in front of a George Floyd artwork.

The social media photo was captioned by Skye, who said, “Happy #GeorgeFloydDay in #SantaBarbara3 #dakotaskye equality&fairness for all The mural is really cool.

The picture was panned by Instagram users, with one calling it “disrespectful.”

“”Wtf what does flashing have to do with George Floyd’s death,” someone else said in response to the controversial photo, to which the star replied, “no one is celebrating him.”

Hello, I’m applauding BAD officers getting charged with misusing their authority against people. No one should die as a result of being arrested.”

Floyd, a Black man, died on May 25 in Minneapolis after being detained and pinned to the ground by a White police officer.

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