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Dateline the Widower: The first Multi part Crime Drama



Dateline the Widower
Dateline the Widower:  Following HBO and Netflix’s success with the genre, “Dateline NBC” launches its multi-part true-crime drama this month.

The Dateline NBC Channel introduce Documentary | Dateline the Widower

Dateline the Widower

“The Widower,” a documentary about a Las Vegas man who lost four of his six wives in unexplained circumstances, premieres this week on the newsmagazine.
The narrative begins on Thursday at 10 p.m. EST/PST and spans three nights and five hours.
It’s one of three things the network is doing to broaden the criminal brand’s popularity on the newsmagazine.
The Peacock streaming service will launch its own “Dateline NBC” channel this month and a second podcast hosted by journalist Keith Morrison.

The Widower’s “Dateline NBC” producer Dan Slepian the case has going on | Dateline the Widower

“We’re attempting to go where the fans are going,” David Corvo, the show’s senior executive producer, explained. We’re not all viewing the same thing at the same time like we used to.”
“The Widower” in the works for almost a decade. When Thomas Randolph was arrested for murder in 2008, “Dateline NBC” producer Dan Slepian was embedded with Las Vegas police.
Liz Cole, the show’s executive producer, continued to follow and record the case until recently resolved.

The Making of Crime Stories on the format of Newsmagazines | Dateline the Widower

The attraction of immersive crime stories that transcend beyond the one- or two-hour format of network newsmagazines has been demonstrated by HBO’s “The Jinx,” Netflix’s “Making a Murderer,” and countless podcasts.

Following a trend and creating a story longer than the material merits, on the other hand, carries a risk

Slepian, who refers to Randolph as the “Joe Exotic of real crime” and touts “The Widower” as “‘Tiger King’ meets’Jinx’ meets Cold Blood,'” praises the film’s ability to keep the audience’s interest.
“Because of all the twists and turns, its story nearly demands all of the time we’re giving it,” he remarked.
“Dateline” contains fascinating inside glimpses at how cops and prosecutors reacted as the story unfolded, and he believes they would be lost if compressed the show into a single episode.
In the past year, “Dateline NBC” has aired hours on the Capitol riot, COVID-19 vaccine development, and the George Floyd case, among other topics.

The Dateline is that Network that more of the Consumer looking forward

However, criminal stories are the main focus. They lend themselves to delayed viewing in a manner that few news shows do, and the Peacock hub is in desperate need of content.
“You don’t draw an audience like you used to,” Corvo explained. “You build it up.” “‘Dateline’ is available everywhere a consumer can look.”
He claims this is why the network has old episodes of the show in syndication in subsequent years.
Since its launch in September 2019, its first podcast, “The Thing About Pam,” has been downloaded over 14 million times.

The Dateline NBC is a Big Unit to find the Criminal Stories

Lori Vallow, an Idaho mother charged with the abduction of her children, is the subject of the second podcast, released on February 16.
It used to be relatively easy to discover the criminal stories. However, because the genre has become so popular, acquiring interviews to convey the more dramatic stories has become extremely difficult, and “Dateline NBC” has a unit dedicated to the effort, according to Corvo.
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