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How to write a perfect poem for DDLC Natsuki?



DDLC Natsuki

DDLC Natsuki is (Doki Doki Literature Club’s) obstinately cute manga fan. Here are all the words you’ll need to compose an ideal poetry for her.

With Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, Team Salvato has launched the first expansion to their smash hit game.

Players will have plenty of new stuff to look forward to with the four females of the Literature Club, thanks to six new side tales and heaps of new unlockable items. If players have a certain girl in mind, composing poems that they enjoy is an important element of impressing her.

Natsuki is the Literature Club’s obstinately cute manga-obsessed member. Players who want to play Natsuki’s route and side storylines must produce poems that she will love. In Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, here are all the words you’ll need to craft a wonderful poem for Natsuki.

How to Write Natsuki Poems for Doki Doki Literature Club

DDLC Natsuki

Players will be charged with producing poetry to present at the next Literature Club meeting throughout the game. In these parts, players will find a set of words from which to compose their poem.

Natsuki enjoys sweet and cutesy words, so figuring out the ones she’ll appreciate should be simple. Here are all of Natsuki’s favourite words in the game:

Anger, Anime, Blanket, Boop, Bouncy, Bubbles, Bunny, Candy, Cheeks, Chocolate, Clouds, Cute, Doki-Doki, Email, Fantasy, Fluffy, Games, Giggle, Hair, Hop, Headphones, Heartbeat, Jump, Jumpy, Lipstick, Kawaii, Kiss, Kitty, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Melody, Milk, Mouse, Nibble, Nibble, Nightgown, Papa, Parfait

Natsuki will enjoy a poem composed primarily of words from this list. Making a poem with only these words, on the other hand, will result in a ‘Perfect’ poetry for Natsuki, earning players the “Perfect! Natsuki” award. Using more brooding and solemn phrases that Yuri prefers, on the other hand, will result in a poem that Natsuki will not enjoy.

By browsing through the game files, players can also obtain lists of each girl’s favourite words.

Players will be able to examine a list of Sayori’s, Natsuki’s, and Yuri’s favourite poem words after opening the game files, selecting the “game” folder, and accessing the text file “poemwords.txt.” This will allow players to quickly check what words to use for their favourite girl.

While picking the correct words can be difficult at first, understanding what kinds of phrases each female enjoys should make writing a poem for them a breeze.

Players can proceed down Natsuki’s game route by writing poems for her and selecting the appropriate dialogue options, so players who like the cutest member of the Literature Club should make sure they’re creating poems that will win her over!

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