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What happened to the dead Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Last Ronin?



Ninja Turtles Dead

The sad death of one of the Turtles is revealed in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin #2, and it helps to break the last brother utterly.

The Last Ronin paints a terrible conclusion for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with New York falling to the Foot under Shredder’s grandson, Oroku Hiroto. Except for Michelangelo, who is driven by vengeance, all of the Turtles are dead in this dystopian cyberpunk world. Michelangelo, no longer the comic warrior he once was, is on one more quest that he knows will kill him.

Michelangelo and Hiroto each want to finish what their brothers started years before they died, no matter what it takes. The myriad tragedies of the Ninja Turtles’ final days are starting to come into light in Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird, Tom Waltz, Esau, Isaac Escorza, Ben Bishop, Samuel Plata, Luis Antonio Delgado, and Shawn Lee’s The Last Ronin #2, from his grief to how he lost himself in the darkness of exile. The flashback that depicts Raphael’s terrible death, however, may be the most tragic of all.


Ninja Turtles Dead

April and Casey Jones are having a dinner to announce their engagement, only for the Turtles to break in with a gravely injured Master Splinter. Karai’s Foot ambushed them outside their subterranean lair, violating the agreement they had established. It’s a bloodbath, with Leonardo and Donatello preferring to try to save Splinter’s life over taking action. But, as they scramble to find a place for him to get medical help, Leo is heartbroken to learn that Raph has already left.

Raph tracks down the Foot and engages in a vicious combat, in which he is cut, pumped full of arrows, and suffers significant damage. Despite this, he manipulates Karai into a one-on-one combat in which they tear one other up, reigniting past feuds. He’s always regarded her as Shredder’s equal, and he’s furious that he believed his Hamato clan could reach an agreement with their Oroku equivalents. Karai pulls out a secret weapon, a kunai, and stabs him in the throat as they fall into the sea.

It’s a heartbreaking scene, as blood fills the ocean as Raph’s eyes close and they plummet to the bottom. Raph stabs Karai, and it appears for a brief moment that both fighters have died. The Ninja Turtles’ final plot, however, backfires when the Foot leader is reduced by her warriors from above.


Raph’s troubles with anger and impulsivity have always been a problem for him, but they have now become fatal weaknesses for him, leaving the Turtles without one of their best warriors for the next conflicts. While the Foot Clan will always have numbers, Raph paid the ultimate price for his final act of disobedience, which saw him face unfathomable odds on his own for the final time.

Raphael is a victim of his own stubbornness and impulsiveness, which makes Mikey angry in the future. Instead of being a cool vigilante on a bike or prowling rooftops in the shadows, Raphael is a casualty and victim of his own stubbornness and impulsiveness, which leaves Mikey upset in the future. He realises that the reckless Raphael didn’t need to pay the ultimate price for his bloodlust. Raph’s family was more vulnerable than ever before since he couldn’t control his fury.

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