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Deion Sanders,Head Football Coach Of The Jackson State Tigers, said: “As the water problem increases, we are in crisis mode.”



Deion Sanders, the head football coach at Jackson State, stated in an Instagram video on Tuesday that his team and players are currently “in crisis mode” as they deal with the numerous water issues that have plagued the capital city of Mississippi over the past week.

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Deion Sanders

On Tuesday, flooding brought about long-standing problems in one of Jackson’s 2 water facilities, cutting off water to several parts of the city. The 150,000-person city had already been under a boil-water warning for one month due to cloudy water that the Health Department discovered and believed would cause digestive issues.


As a result of the recent heavy rains, there is currently too much water on the ground and insufficient safe drinking water flowing through the pipes for households to consume. In the video, Deion Sanders stated that Jackson was experiencing a minor crisis.

Because we lack water, we also lack air conditioning. Toilet use is prohibited. Since we lack water, we also lack ice, which essentially puts a burden on the program. As a result, we are currently in crisis mode.” Sanders claimed the water problem has left his team without drinking water and prevented them from flushing toilets or taking showers at their practice facilities.

Jackson State University brought in portable lavatories for students. Sanders, also known as Coach Prime, stated he wanted to move the players into a hotel so they could take showers in the Instagram video. For the next few days until the situation passes, Sanders stated, “I have to get these kids off campus… into a hotel and accommodate them so that they can shower properly and take care of their requirements.

I also have to make sure that all of our kids are nourished.” We are currently functioning in that area. The following game for Jackson State is on Sunday at Miami versus Florida A&M. Tate Reeves, the governor of Mississippi, announced late on Monday that he will make a proclamation on Tuesday establishing a state of emergency for Jackson’s water system.


The treatment plant, which was running at a reduced capacity with backup pumps after the main pumps broke “some time ago,” would try to be fixed by the state by recruiting contractors, Reeves said. Sanders expressed optimism that his team will demonstrate their resiliency and endure in the face of these difficulties.

We’re going to locate a place to practice, he said, “find a place that can fit all that we dang well need and wish to be who we desire to be.” “A lie is the devil. He won’t succeed in capturing us today, sweetie.” Jackson’s water system has long-standing issues. A substantial number of individuals were left without running water in 2021 due to pipes freezing. Smaller versions of the same issues cropped up again in the beginning of this year.

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