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Deku Costume Changes in My Hero Academia (5 Warning)



Deku Coustume

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the manga My Hero Academia, which can be found on Viz Media.

Deku Costume: In My Hero Academia, a pro hero’s signature outfit is one of their most recognisable features. The students of U.A. High School continually enhance their Quirks and combat abilities as heroes-in-training.

Their outfits change to accommodate their growth as they age physically and mentally. It’s pretty uncommon for a hero to go through several versions before finding a final design that suits them well.

Izuku “Deku” Midoriya, the series’s protagonist, is a beautiful example of this. While he has yet to graduate and become a pro, his costume has changed dramatically throughout the novel, and each design represents an essential milestone in his hero journey. Let’s take a look at each one individually.

1. Alpha Costume

Deku’s initial costume is the most amusing, yet it is reminiscent of 20th-century Western comic book heroes. It comprises a green jumpsuit covering his entire body, simple elbow and knee protection, a red belt, and distinctive red shoes. The mask with long ears, which is designed to imitate All Might’s hair, and the respirator, which represents All Might’s smile, is the most noticeable features.

This design first appeared in Season 1, and while it only lasted two episodes, it was crucial in establishing Deku’s starting point. While it isn’t the most practical in supporting or increasing his Quirk and talents, it pays tribute to Deku’s mentor, All Might, and his resolve to become a hero. It’s also a nod to his mother, who purchased the jumpsuit as a symbol of her continuous support.

2. Beta version of the costume

When Deku meets Gran Torino in Season 2’s Hero Killer narrative, we get our first sight of his second hero suit. This design is better adapted for warfare and includes more burdensome support equipment and knee pads that extend to his thighs and a diamond-shaped metal respirator. Deku’s long-eared mask is still part of his costume, although he doesn’t wear it.

Deku gains more power over One For All and its downsides shortly after obtaining Costume Beta. He invents Full Cowl, which becomes a staple of his fighting technique, allowing him to improve his strength, mobility, and overall powers. Even though the support department made these adjustments without Deku’s awareness, it still contains parts of his mother’s suit and is his first step in making One For All his own.

3. Gamma’s costume

Deku and his classmates are charged with designing ultimate moves before the Provisional License Exam, which leads Deku to think of new methods to use One For All. He quickly finds that his combat style centres on his arms, which he did subconsciously to imitate All Might, but his arms have suffered major damage. To alleviate this strain, Deku creates Shoot Style, which focuses on his legs for offensive attacks.

Costume Gamma adds iron soles to his shoes to magnify the power in his kicks and arm braces, reducing the strain on his arms in preparation for Shoot Style. Later on, Deku’s finger flicks are enhanced by Air Force Gloves, which are so powerful that they’re referred to as air guns. This third design distinguishes Deku from All Might and takes significant steps toward establishing his own hero character.

4. Suit of Assimilation

World Heroes’ Mission, the third instalment in the MHA trilogy, gives Deku, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki new stealth outfits. Based on Costume Gamma, this new outfit has a leaner style and is almost entirely black save for epic green highlights. The most significant change is the transformation of Deku’s mask into a hood that is plainly intended for stealth missions.

While the film doesn’t hit theatres until the end of the month, trailers and a special chapter that serves as a prequel to the film — My Hero Academia Special Spin-Off: Endeavor’s Mission — indicate that the trio will accompany Endeavor on an international mission to stop an evil organisation bent on causing global chaos. Deku’s ability to focus on stealth rather than straight battle is new territory for him, and it will undoubtedly broaden his skill set.

5. Deku, the vigilante

Deku’s most recent costume change is significantly darker, representing his transition from hero student to vigilante. Deku’s attire adapts to him and his use of One For All. However, it appears that his worsening mental state since the struggle against the Paranormal Liberation Front has directly influenced this darker version of his hero suit.

This new costume is a more edgy and tattered version of Costume Alpha, and it has a frightening resemblance to it. Deku wears both his mask and respirator, but the outfit is no longer as amusing as it once was. It also has mid-gauntlets that support his body, allowing him to go above his 45 percent One For All limit.

Finally, Deku wears the tattered yellow cloak of Gran Torino. Deku is stronger than ever, and his goal is to guard and capture all of the escaped villains while remaining anonymous. This terrifying new visage depicts Deku’s responsibility as One For All’s successor and the long-term impact it has had on him.

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