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Delta Flight Attendant Zip Ties Hijacker ??



Delta Flight Attendant Zip Ties Hijacker

Delta Flight Attendant Zip Ties Hijacker During a flight to Tennessee on Friday, June 4, 2021, a man attempted to break into the plane’s cockpit.

Crew and passengers quickly intervened to prevent him from doing so, and the video footage captures the frightening altercation in all its glory.

The attempted hijacker is zip-tied by a Delta flight attendant in video footage.

A delta flight attendant zip ties a would-be hijacker

Delta Flight Attendant Zip Ties Hijacker

Video of a Delta flight attendant tackling and zip tying a would-be hijacker has gone viral. The unidentified man was attempting to break into the plane’s cockpit when an employee pulled the man away from the cockpit.

After being restrained for 20 minutes, the would-be hijacker is seen grappling with flight attendant Christopher Williams. The suspect’s hands and wrists are bound by yellow cord, and he is placed in a rear compartment.

In a video posted on social media, the black flight attendant tackles the would-be hijacker, holds him down, zip-tying his hands behind his back.

The woman is credited with saving the lives of 350 passengers and causing the plane to divert to Nashville. The flight attendant has since received numerous messages of gratitude from passengers who wished to thank her and share the video on their social networks.

Afterward, one passenger captioned the post: “She deserves an award!”

Delta Flight Attendant Zip Ties Hijacker With him passengers help restrain

A Delta Air Lines flight made an emergency landing in Albuquerque, New Mexico after a man attempted to breach the cockpit.

After the crew secured the man’s feet and hands with zip ties, they moved him to the back of the plane, farthest away from the cockpit.

The crew then proceeded to secure the plane and make an emergency landing. The flight was grounded until about 10:15 p.m. EST and the hijacker was arrested and taken into federal custody.

The FBI is investigating the attempted hijacking. The flight was diverted to another airport in Albuquerque after law enforcement officers removed the unruly passenger.

The FBI Albuquerque office tweeted that there is no threat to the public. The hijacking is still under investigation, but it’s clear the FBI is cracking down on unruly passengers.

The flight attendants and passengers did everything they could to secure the flight.

A man shouts “Stop the plane” as he tries to break into the cockpit

A passenger on a Delta Air flight attempting to smash into the cockpit of a jetliner was restrained with zip ties by a flight attendant after he yelled “Stop the plane!

During the incident, the man was restrained by the crew and other passengers on the aircraft. The incident has been viewed on social media and a passenger has expressed gratitude for the swift action of the flight attendants.

The incident unfolded during a Delta flight from Atlanta to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The flight attendant, Christopher Williams, restrained the man as he hid behind a row of seats, and cellphone footage of the incident shows him wrestling with the man, and putting his hands in zip ties.

A flight attendant who is a trained sailor, Williams is to be applauded for her bravery in saving a man from an imminent death.

A man yells “Stop the plane” before he is restrained

A flight attendant caught a man yelling, “Stop the plane” and restrain him with zip ties during a tense situation on Delta flight 386.

The incident was recorded on video and quickly spread online. While there were no reports of injury to passengers or other passengers, the flight attendant’s quick action helped apprehend the man.

Passengers praised Williams’ actions and called on Delta to reward him. A photo of the two men who restrained the man was also shared on social media.

The alleged hijacker ran for the cockpit door, repeatedly banging on it while shouting, “Stop the plane!” Despite being held at bay by other passengers and flight attendants.

A man yelling “Stop the plane” was eventually restrained with zip ties. The passengers tied his hands and feet with yellow cord.

A man flew into a rage before being restrained

The man who ripped a tie off of a Delta Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Nashville on Friday is in custody after the incident.

Which the airline says was a sparked by his mental health problems. The unidentified man was restrained with zip ties by flight attendant Christopher Williams after he began screaming about the BLM and the enslavement of black people by a white man.

The unidentified man was arrested in the airport in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Delta Flight Attendant Zip Ties Hijacker While boarding Delta Flight 386, a man screamed, “Stop the plane!” and rushed to the cockpit door.

He was restrained with zip ties by flight attendant Christopher Williams, while other passengers tied yellow cords around the man’s wrists and legs.

Cell phone footage shows the man struggling with Williams and his hands being held firmly in zip ties.

A man is arrested after being restrained

In a riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 10 that left six people dead, a man was arrested after being restrained with zip ties.

The incident sparked outrage on social media. Some people wondered if the man was actually trying to insurrection, and he was quickly identified as a Trump supporter by social media users.

In addition to the arrest, a man’s mother took the handcuffs from the Capitol building to ensure the Capitol Police would not use them on him. As a result, Munchel’s arrest was widely publicised.

A video showing the incident has gone viral. The man was the father of an elementary school student in Mesquite, Arizona, when he showed up at the school with two other men and a large drawstring bag.

The men began talking about how to rob the school and threatened to use zip ties to force the principal to stop them.

When Virgo noticed the men were threatening to use zip ties to restrain the man, she tried to de-escalate the situation by telling them about county health protocols.

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