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Demon Slayer Ships: The 5 Worst Couples on the Show and 5 Better Choices



Demon Slayer Ships

Demon Slayer Ships: There are a lot of outstanding partnerships in Demon Slayer. However, there have been some dubs. Here are some of the worst anime couples and some better options.

After its premiere in 2019, the Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer series became a blockbuster sensation. Even after the anime and manga were done, Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train was a massive hit in Japan, grossing over one billion yen in days. Some partnerships became canon after the manga ended.

Demon Slayer Ships The 5 Worst Couples on the Show

Demon Slayer Ships

Even though the most of them were well-thought-out and pleasing to fans, some fans believed that other characters would have been better suited marrying someone else. Here are several canon and fanmade Demon Slayer pairings that fans wish would happen and those that would be terrible.

1. Shinobu X Inosuke is the worst.

For those who have only seen the Demon Slayer anime, Shinobu and Inosuke have been romantically linked. Those who have read the manga, on the other hand, understand why they shouldn’t.

First and foremost, Inosuke romanticises Shinobu (or anyone else for that matter). He sees her in a more “familiar” light, as if she were his mother. This is also why it hits some fans particularly hard at one point in the manga.

2. Shinobu X Giyuu is the best.

Although Shinobu and Giyuu are not supposed to be a pair, some fans find their interactions adorable in a “bickering couple” way. People dislike Giyuu’s aloof and airheaded nature, despite his serious appearance.

Shinobu teases him by saying, “This is why people don’t like you,” making him sad, much to his displeasure. It would have been a lot of fun if they had been partnered together.

3. Tamayo X Yushiro is the worst.

Even though Tamayo and Yushiro are a famous couple among fans, their relationship has a few issues. To begin with, Tamayo is several years older than Yushiro, resulting in a significant age difference.

Second, Yushiro’s adoration for her is borderline obsessive. While it’s not incorrect for him to adore Tamayo and be suspected of being in love, it’s not clear how devoted he is to her. They have far too many issues.

4. Tanjiro X Kanao is the best.

Although some fans think Tanjiro and Kanao’s relationship is awful since there wasn’t much romantic development, that doesn’t imply there wasn’t any in the scenes revealed. Tanjiro assisted Kanao in resuming his speech without appearing indecisive.

Aside from that, they got to know each other better during the recuperation phase. Kanao was the one who fell in love with Tanjiro first, and her dedication to him is shown more in the manga.

5. Giyuu X Nezuko is the worst.

With everything in the first manga chapter and an episode of Demon Slayer, this pairing shouldn’t exist. Giyuu was the first to try to kill Nezuko when she turned Demon.

He let them go after it was established that she was sensible and didn’t want to eat her older brother, Tanjiro. They didn’t have much in common and only saw each other on rare occasions. Why would they be put together at all, let alone romantically?

6. Inosuke X Aoi is the best.

The little flags encircling Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke were noticeable despite Aoi’s brief appearance when Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke were resting after a difficult struggle.

Despite Inosuke’s desire to battle and grow stronger, Aoi dealt with his stubbornness and forced him to relax. Surprisingly, he followed her directions. This would make them a good couple, as Aoi’s wildness would complement Inosuke’s.

7. Muzan X Tamayo is the worst.

Muzan and no one, really, is another pairing that shouldn’t exist. He shouldn’t be coupled with Tamayo, though, because he was the one who killed her in the end.

Muzan may have a wife and child, but no one knows if he loves them because of how he acts throughout the series as a horrible villain.

8. Mitsuru X Obanai is the best.

Fans of anime who only watch anime should beware. Mitsuru and Obanai make a terrific duo in the manga, and they do honor to some of the Demon Slayer’s most famous pairings.

Even though each of their fates was terrible, especially Obanai’s, they were not only hinted at, but affirmed that they liked each other. Fans can only wish for Hashira to marry each other.

9. Worst: Inosuke X Nezuko

In Demon Slayer, Nezuko and Inosuke seldom spoke to one other. He also tried to kill her when they first met because he smelt a Demon. When it comes to shipping characters together, these two aren’t the finest choices.

Inosuke, on the other hand, had no recollection of attempting to kill Nezuko in the first place, thus he was presumably unconcerned with the previous action he had taken.

10. Nezuko X Zenitsu is the best.

Even though Zenitsu is a timid crybaby who enjoys chasing after women, he saved Nezuko from Inosuke’s murder. This was admirable and brave, considering he had no idea Nezuko was in the box before defending it.

He only knew that was something Tanjiro valued, so he let Inosuke beat him up. As the franchise progressed, his adoration for Nezuko grew into love, despite Nezuko’s inability to communicate much. She found a way to express her gratitude to Zenitsu in little ways and then orally once she could talk.

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