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Demon Slayer: 6 Things You Didn’t Know About Daki



Daki Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is one of Demon Slayer’s enemies, and she has a fascinating backstory. Here’s some information about her that you might not know.

Demon Slayer is one of the most popular and well-liked anime series on the market right now, and Ufotable’s incredible animation elevates it to new heights. The first season was one of the most popular and well-liked anime series ever, with each episode standing out as a standout. The most recent Demon Slayer episodes have been noteworthy, introducing the Daki and Gyutaro duo, who will harass Tanjiro and his allies.

Demon Slayer 6 Things You Didn’t Know About The Daki

Daki Demon Slayer

The combined Upper Rank 6 demons are pretty fascinating, and, understandably, most people would want to learn everything they can about them. Daki is an enigma in and of herself, with various facts about her that most people are unaware of. A few distinctive aspects of this character work well in this setting.

1. Daki’s name is made up of the Japanese words “degenerate” and “princess.”

Daki’s backstory is one of the saddest in the entire series. She had no desire to become a demon. Still, She was forced to do so after being burned alive by a forceful client, prompting a desperate Gyutaro to accept the idea of becoming a demon for her sister to live.
Given Daki’s beauty, it’s a shame that her upbringing was so tragic that she became a villain herself. Daki’s name reflects her predicament, as it contains the Japanese character for both ‘degenerate’ (da) and ‘princess’ (ki) (ki). In some ways, her identity as a fallen princess is apt, considering her trials.

2. It’s possible that Syphilis was the cause of her mother’s death.

The name Daki was never given to the demon when he was born. Instead, Daki was known as ‘Ume’ while a human. This was an odd name choice, especially because Ume was the sickness that killed Daki’s mother! While Daki’s mother’s death was far from tragic, given how abusive she was, his name does allude to how she died.

Daki and Gyutaro’s mother was also a prostitute, thus it’s not unreasonable to assume that an STD was the cause of her death. The majority of people believe the sickness was Syphilis, also known as ‘baidoku’ in Japanese. The Japanese words for ‘Ume’ and ‘Bai’ are interchangeable.

3. Ryutaro and Muzan didn’t think Daki was very bright.

Daki may be one of the most powerful women globally, but that does not imply that she was knowledgeable. After all, she was a highly impressionable child who preferred to go headfirst into things rather than strategize and choose the more prudent course of action.

Ryutaro and Muzan share this opinion, as they don’t think Daki is particularly bright. Ryutaro, of course, is to fault for this, as he never truly helped Daki develop her intelligence and instead took advantage of her susceptible nature to drive her into a career rather than allowing her to think for herself.

4. Muzan admired Daki primarily because of her financial potential.

People had to wonder how Muzan managed to be so tolerant for Daki’s sake, even if he already thought she wasn’t the brightest of the bunch, given how quickly he would crush any demon that didn’t have any use for him. However, devils can be used for more than just intelligence, as Muzan recognised in Daki.

Whether run by humans or devils, any organization needs a consistent stream of revenue to function. Muzan’s organization is no exception, and the demon chose to retain Daki enrolled due to her earnings potential.

Muzan’s background as a courtesan and her attractiveness meant she’d be a tremendous and consistent source of revenue, which is why the Demon King decided to overlook her seeming idiocy.

5. Daki was never the true holder of Rank 6 in the first place.

While Daki is a powerful demon who deserves to be respected, there’s no doubt that she lacked the power to join the Upper-Rank demons. Because she linked up with Gyutaro, she was able to break into these ranks, with the sibling duo quickly establishing themselves as one of the most potent demonic duos in the world.

Daki, on the other hand, was never the genuine possessor of the Upper Rank 6. Her stubborn disposition in warfare, as previously said, meant that she was bound to expose herself at some point. Ryutaro was always the genuine holder of this rank, whose level-headed temperament allowed him to be both the brains and the brawn of the operation if necessary.

6. Her ability to extend her neck is based on the Rokurokubi legend.

Daki’s Blood Demon Art is interesting, and one of the most intriguing aspects of her character is her ability to stretch her neck. This skill is one of a kind, and a legendary Japanese yokai inspired it.

The Rokurokubi is a demon able to split or extend its head from its body. Daki’s abilities in Demon Slayer are based on this terrifying story, making this demon a formidable foe.

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