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Derricos Tlc: How does it feel to raise 14 children in one home? Deon and Karen Derrico can attest to this.

The Derricos, who star in TLC’s reality show “Doubling Down with the Derricos,” are the proud parents of quintuplets, triplets, two sets of twins, and singletons, all of whom were conceived naturally.

And, after being asked repeatedly over the years how they manage it all, the pair agreed to open their doors and let America into their sometimes restless existence.

Derricos Tlc : How does It Feel To Raise 14 Children In One Home

Derricos Tlc

Karen and Deon hope to provide viewers with a “open and honest discourse” about raising several children in the series, as well as an uncensored insight into their growing family.

The couple spoke with Fox News about why they agreed to cameras filming their lives, what it’s like quarantining 14 children, and the misunderstandings about their family that still exist.

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Fox News: What prompted the two of you to agree to have cameras follow your family around for a show like this?

Deon Derrico: We had a lot of issues with the multiples, the quintuplets, and other things we didn’t know about. We didn’t have someone who could help us right away. This was a trial and error process for us.

So, having discovered that we had the talent all by ourselves, it was just intrinsic in us, we wanted to share it with others. We have faced and overcome numerous hurdles, as you will see throughout our series.

We are excited to assist others. We knew we were supposed to come here and help since she and I had always done so. Never envisioned aiding so many people, however… it’s good for our souls, if you will.

NBC News: Did you ever discuss how many children you wanted to have when you first started dating? What were some of the figures that were tossed around during that conversation?

Karen Derrico (Karen): It wasn’t so much a number as it was a concept. “We’re only going to have 14 children,” it wasn’t like a set. That was not the case.

“I just wanted as many children as God blessed me to have,” I said when he inquired, and that left it open. As a result, we’ve arrived to this point. There are 14, which we are thankful for.

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Fox News: How does it feel to be quarantined with 14 kids?

Karen: To be honest, it’s not all that horrible because we play games. We come from a musical family. We all enjoy a good dance. So we’ll launch the soul train line or start showing new television shows, such as “So You Think You Can Dance” or something similar. We have our panels and judges. We simply begin reenacting games and other activities.

We spoke with them and explained why we are unable to visit certain locations… why we must remain safe as a family. My husband is the only one who can go out or do something like that. However, we simply try to have as much fun as possible at home and order a lot of munchies.

Deon: We turn nearly everything into a game. Almost anything is converted into a game when we have the opportunity. If there isn’t enough candy to go around, we make it a game to see who gets the candy or the cake… it’s almost as if we’re living vicariously through them.

As a result, we’re having a lot of fun. And I believe that’ll be one of the recurring themes in our show — we’re sort of going back in time ourselves.

Fox News: Do you believe there are any misconceptions about your family that people still have?

Deon: One of the common misunderstandings is that we receive government aid, which we do not. Another myth is that since we have so many children, our home is either filthy or chaotic, which is completely untrue. I have OCD, and [Karen] is really good at organising and labelling things.

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So I believe people assume that since we have such a large family, we won’t be able to keep that feeling of order and appreciate it. They believe it is a task. Many people believe, “Oh, my God, that’s a lot of people. How do you go about doing it?” This is something we desire. This is a wonderful thing for us. This is not how you see things. It is a boon to us.

Fox News: How do you and your partner spend quality time together? How do you maintain that romantic chemistry?

Karen: Thankfully, [Deon’s] mother Gigi lives nearby. She is the one who arranges our date nights. Our children have a terrific routine. They’re in bed by 8 [p.m.] and, thank God, we live in a 24-hour city. We take advantage of it if we aren’t too tired. That is undeniable.

NBC News: Your children are being commended for being so well-behaved and courteous on social media. How did you manage that, given that there are 14 of them?

Deon: They’re picking up on our energy. That’s the first. As friends, my wife and I have always gotten along swimmingly. Our relationship blossomed as a result of that. So, for starters, we mirror them, and they, in turn, mirror us. I believe that by watching how we conduct our family and then copying it, kids will understand the value of having it.

Karen: Temper tantrums, arguing, and fighting are not tolerated. You say what you’re thinking. It’s fine to cry, but you shouldn’t throw a fit over it. That’s how we communicate with them.

Deon: Faith is a vital value for us as well. That’s what we’re all about… It’s evident in our natural deliverance and the way we accomplish things. We aim to be of assistance to others.

It’s a blessing to be able to provide the kind of assistance we provide and to be able to relocate our family. We’d like to assist other families in doing the same with their homes.

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