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Dexter Hannah I What happened to him in Dexter?



Dexter Hannah

Dexter Hannah: New Blood frequently mentions the death of a character from the first series, but who is [SPOILER], and how did Dexter kill them off-screen?

New Blood has killed off-screen a pivotal character from the original series, but who is Hannah McKay, and what happened to her in Dexter? After nearly a decade, Harrison Morgan returns in New Blood episode 1, having hunted down his father after a serial killer faked his death.

 What happened to him in Dexter?

Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski), the woman Dexter left him with, died of pancreatic cancer, Harrison revealed. As a result, Harrison spent time in a variety of foster homes.

Dexter Hannah

Dexter’s first amazement at seeing his kid stemmed partly from how long it had been since he had abandoned him, but it also stemmed from confusion, as Harrison was meant to be living with Hannah in Argentina.

Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski) was introduced as a semi-villain in Dexter season 7 as a previous serial murderer that Dexter and Miami Metro had to enlist the help of to find hidden bodies.

While Hannah had obvious psychopathic tendencies, she was persuaded into killing as a teenager by Wayne Randall, a guy she fell in love with and with whom she went on a killing spree before being apprehended.

Hannah has been living free for years by the time they meet in Dexter’s original series, though Dexter discovers she may have been guilty for more murders than she reported to the cops. Dexter places Hannah on his table because he thinks she’d make a good victim for his Dark Passenger, and the two begin a sexual and emotional relationship.

Throughout Dexter seasons 7 and 8, Dexter and Hannah maintained an on-again, off-again relationship, much to the chagrin of Dexter’s sister Deb, who had begged her brother to kill Hannah against her own beliefs. Hannah and Dexter briefly parted up when Dexter put her in jail, but they reunited in season 8.

Hannah and Dexter realised they were in love and devised a plan to leave their serial killer lives in Miami and flee to Argentina, where they could give Harrison a chance at a normal life.

Harrison and Hannah were about to board a plane to Argentina in Dexter’s original, widely reviled series finale, only for Dexter to never show there, having faked his death and assumed a new identity instead.

According to New Blood, Dexter and Hannah maintained in touch via letters after that, but it wasn’t until Harrison tracked him down that he learned Hannah had died three years before.

According to New Blood, Hannah and Harrison had been living on a farm in Buenos Aires for a long time. Hannah died of pancreatic cancer after approximately five years of living like this. Harrison was subsequently returned to Miami, where he spent three years in the foster care system before deciding to search for his father, who he discovered was still alive thanks to the letters.

While it was known that Hannah McKay, played by Yvonne Strahovski on The Handmaid’s Tale, would not appear in New Blood, it was unclear how the writers would handle her fate. Because Hannah was still a wanted fugitive when she fled to Argentina, many fans assumed Harrison’s return in New Blood episode 1 meant she had been apprehended. Instead, the character died of a deadly disease off-screen, which is unusual for Dexter’s series.

Hannah was a key character in the final two seasons of Dexter’s original series, but she didn’t get a lot of love from fans. Many people thought it was a betrayal of Dexter’s character to lose his Dark Passenger after falling in love with Hannah. He would think Harrison was “safe” with her even though she is a fugitive convicted murderer.

While seeing Hannah’s death on-screen would have been more fulfilling, it’s understandable that New Blood episode 2 made her death a passive occurrence.

Hannah’s return would distract from Iron Lake’s world-building, as New Blood is about Dexter and Harrison’s dynamic. When asked about Hannah’s position in New Blood, Strahovski admitted to being as clueless as fans, but believed it was more than probable that the teenage Harrison had murdered her character. This plot twist could still happen if Harrison lied.

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