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Does izzie die: What Exactly Happened to Izzie On Grey’s Anatomy?



Does izzie die: Grey’s Anatomy aired its 300th episode on Thursday, November 9. The show paid respect to the surgeons. The show’s creators also paid respect to Izzie Stevens, who was missed by fans. And viewers are wondering what happened to Izzie on Grey’s Anatomy.

Did Izzie die in Grey’s Anatomy? Who is Izzie on Grey’s Anatomy? Read reading to find out what happened to Izzie on Grey’s Anatomy. Follow to get daily updates.

Did Izzie die on Grey’s?

Does izzie die

Fans wondered whether Izzie killed on Grey’s Anatomy. The reality is Izzie Stevens did not die. Many fans feared she was dead, however she’s still alive. Fans also believe she’s dead because her character had brain cancer.


Izzie die, does she have cancer?

It was tragically revealed that Izzie had a brain tumor from metastatic stage 4 melanoma. She had skin cancer and it spread to her brain. In the fifth season finale, Izzie flatlines, but in the season six premiere, she’s resuscitated. Izzie eventually becomes cancer-free.

As for Izzie on Grey’s Anatomy, what exactly happened to her?

For those who are curious about what happened to Izzie on Grey’s Anatomy, she began experiencing hallucinations during the fifth season and eventually discovered that she had brain cancer that had spread throughout her head. She started seeing a doctor right away, and she had many operations to treat the illness.

Izzie successfully fought cancer for several months before she married Alex Karev and relocated to Seattle to begin a new life. After their divorce, Alex and Izzie parted ways, and Izzie never visited Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital again.

Who portrayed Izzie Stevens on screen?

Izzie Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy was played by Katherine Heigl. She starred from Season 1 to Season 6. Katherine had concerns with the show’s producers, so she left.


It was also stated that she left the show to work on movies. The show’s creator said in an interview that her leaving was horrible but he wasn’t surprised. Katherine stated it was sad but what she wanted.

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