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Dog Park Near Me: North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC)



Dog Park Near Me

Dog Park Near Me: The North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) opened the first-ever dog park in the national capital on Sunday, where canines may play, socialise, and even be pampered. The NDMC has established a dog park in Old Rajendra Nagar where residents may go for a walk with their pets.

Dog Park Near Me: North Delhi Municipal Corporation Opens its first-ever dog park

Dog Park Near Me

The dog park includes swings and green spaces for canines and their pet owners, according to NDMC Mayor Raja Iqbal Singh.

According to Singh, the Covid-19 epidemic has had a significant impact on the lives of both dogs and their owners. Because the dogs were restricted indoors, they developed lifestyle ailments. He went on to say that the dog park would assist the pets stay in shape.

“Since the COVID-19 epidemic, pet dogs and their owners have been confined to homes and limited space, making them vulnerable to lifestyle disorders.” “In secure open spaces like parks, Delhi’s first dog park will assist canines stay active, rejuvenate, and recreate,” Singh said.

The dog park in Old Rajendra Nagar is Delhi’s first. Bengaluru and Greater Hyderabad, both in India, contain dog parks.

In the meantime, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) is working on establishing a dog park. The pet park will be built on a one-acre plot of land in Jangpura, south Delhi. The project is expected to be finished in March 2022.

The south Delhi park, according to SDMC Commissioner Gyanesh Bharti, would include a dog track, area for jogging, swimming, digging, trailing, and tricks for dogs. Apart from that, there will be a designated defecation area as well as a waste bag dispenser to collect pet excrement in the bag. To collect such rubbish, covered dustbins will be placed.

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