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Dr Michael Youssef & His Biggest Lie



Dr Michael Youssef

Dr Michael Youssef: From the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka to the rise of extremist Islam to the rise of persons who profess no religious affiliation… Dr. Michael Youssef has some thoughts on the subject, as well as politics.

Know What Michael Youssef Said & Why He is in controversy?

Dr Michael Youssef

The Egyptian-born Christian pastor and theologian also holds a PhD in social anthropology, indicating that he has a scientific and spiritual understanding of people.

He is the founder of Atlanta, Georgia’s Church of the Apostles and Leading the Way International Ministry. When it comes to what he says is the Big Lie in today’s world of entertainment, politics, and even Christian churches, he doesn’t hold back.

“What is sin?” is one of the questions he addresses in this episode. “Is hell a physical location or a mental state?” “Why would a good God send someone to hell for not believing in Jesus?

Why would a good God send someone to hell for not believing in Jesus?” In today’s ‘Can’t we all just get along?’ environment, these are difficult themes to broach. Dr. Youssef, on the other hand, always delivers with a smile.

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