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Duggar Divorce – Are Jessa And Ben Getting Divorced



duggar divorce

Josh Duggar’s divorce would be his wife Anna’s ‘final resort,’ according to a source

duggar divorce

Duggar divorce : Josh Duggar’s wife Anna will be by his side during his upcoming child pornography trial, according to a family acquaintance.

The disgraced former “19 Kids and Counting” star was charged on federal charges in Arkansas in April and has since pled not guilty to one count of child pornography receipt and one count of child pornography possession.

According to a court order, he is currently living with third-party custodians at a residence away from his wife Anna and their six children.

While many have wondered if Josh and Anna’s 12-year marriage can survive his new scandal, a family insider tells Fox News that Anna Duggar is a “strong” woman who is clinging to her religion.

“Divorce will never be Anna’s first option,” a family acquaintance told Fox News earlier this week. “This is going to be a last-ditch effort.”


According to the source, it is in Anna’s character as a devout Christian to support her spouse during difficult times.

Anna is expecting her seventh child with Josh, whom she married in 2008.

“That is the sort of wife she is, the kind of person she is, and the kind of family they are,” a family insider said of Anna’s commitment to Josh.

“Regardless of what happens, she and his family will stand with him.

They definitely won’t agree with any of his past actions and have no idea what’s going on right now, but they’ll always love him and stand by him, wanting the best for him and wanting him to do the right thing.

They’re never going to be anything else.”


Nonetheless, the family insider pointed out that this isn’t the 33-year-first old’s run-in with the law.

Following revelations that he had raped four of his sisters and a babysitter in the early 2000s, the TLC network dropped the family’s famous reality show “19 Kids and Counting” from the network in 2015.

Josh’s parents claimed he admitted to fondling and apologised at the time.

Duggar was discovered to have an account on Ashley Madison, a website that facilitates extramarital affairs, later that year.

“With all that’s been going on, there’s a lot of healing to be done with him, Anna, and their family.

In the past, that was truly a family affair that was only put in place because of who they were, because Jim Bob and Michelle wanted to do things properly “Added the source.

Anna, like Josh, was up in a pious and traditional family with several siblings.

Anna’s decision not to divorce Josh up to this point, according to the family source, is due to her “connection with God,” not how she was taught.

“It’s not just because of her upbringing. It’s what she’s been taught in her spiritual life.

She is a wonderful young woman, wife, and mother. I simply want it to be finished with “Added the friend.

“I despise what’s going on,” the person continued, “but all I can do is pray and hope for the best.”

Josh was given a delay in his pending child pornography trial last month after the case was officially rescheduled by a court.

The trial has been rescheduled for November 30, 2021, instead of July 6, 2021, as originally planned.

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