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El Chapo Wife Pleads Guilty in 2023


El Chapo Wife Pleads Guilty

Claudia Coronel, the wife of El Chapo Wife Pleads Guilty Mexican drug lord, pleaded guilty for helping to evade arrest in a money laundering case. She has also been accuse of assisting in the construction of an escape tunnel in order to avoid capture by authorities in both Mexico and the United States. Her lawyer describes the allegation that she helped in illegal drug lord activities as “garbage”

Coronel lawyer labels allegations she cooperated for the government as “garbage”

Emma Coronel Aispuro was the wife JoaquinEl Chapo Wife Pleads Guilty. Three federal felonies were committe against her, which included conspiring to commit international drug trafficking and money laundering.

Prosecutors claim that Coronel was an emissary to her husband Sinaloa Cartel’s former leader and she helped him build a criminal enterprise. Coronel was also order to act as a courier, help him move drugs, and orchestrate his escape from prison.

Coronel was take into custody after El Chapo  captur and extradite to the United States. She was release from custody with a light sentence.

Coronel helped organize the construction of the escape tunnel

Joaquin Guzman was a former lieutenant under Sinaloa Cartel leader Joaquin Guzman and is now accuse of having been involve in an outrageous prison escape. Coronel, an ex-Californian, is being charge with organizing the building of an underground tunnel.

Federal prosecutors claim that Coronel plotted to aid Guzman escape from a Mexican prison. He also worked with the cartel to launder narcotics proceeds. Coronel faces up to 10 year imprisonment if he is convict.

Guzman, a Mexican drug lord, escaped from prison in Mexico in 2015. He was capture later that same year. Guzman was sentence for life. He was being trie in New York for the third time.

Coronel’s participation in Guzman’s illegal operations

Coronel Barreras may be the third, or fourth, wife of Joaquin Guzman, a convicted Mexican drug lord. They accuse her of planning Guzman’s escape from Altiplano prison, Mexico.

This is her latest accusation against the Guzman clan. Over the years, Sinaloa’s drug cartel has come under intense scrutiny. In the past law enforcement have rarely pursued the wives drug lords.

Coronel was a former beauty queen and met her husband when she turned 17. Soon after, she married him. Their two children were born together. Known to fellow narcos as “La Reinita” and “Little Queen,” Coronel has made her mark on the world of drug trafficking.

Coronel was convicte of money-laundering conspiracy

Emma Coronel Aispuro, wife of Joaquin Guzman, known as “El Chapo” to his fans, is facing multiple drug charges after pleading guilty in a New York federal court. She also admitted to aiding her husband in his escape from a Mexican prison.

Emma Coronel Aispuro arrive at Dulles International Airport in February and was taken into custody. This woman has dual citizenship in Mexico and the U.S. Jeffrey Lichtman Jeffrey Lichtman is her attorney. He said that they met in Mexico as teenagers.

Coronel, believe to be Guzmans’ third wife, was arrest for participating in Guzman escaping from a Mexican prison. Coronel was charge with paying $2 million to Altiplano to Guzman in exchange for her husband’s release from prison.

Coronel’s involvement in evading capture by American and Mexican authorities

Emma Coronel Aispuro’s role in Joaquin “El Chapo”, Guzman’s escape out of the Mexican prison system is well-known. His extradition to America was actually due to her involvement. She is expect to appear in court in Washington on Thursday.

El Chapo Wife Pleads Guilty, also known as Joaquin Guzman Loera, is the head of Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel. The cartel has a long history of links to the US and has been involve in drug trafficking operations.

According to reports, Coronel played an important role in Guzman’s 2015 escape. After the Mexican government lost custody of Guzman for the second consecutive time, the Mexican government was force to release him.

Coronel may be in danger if she were ever to return to Mexico

Emma Coronel Aispuro was the wife to Joaquin Guzman, a Mexican drug lord. It is possible to have dual citizenship, Mexico and USA. The couple have two young daughters.

Emma Coronel was outside when the cartel leader were arrest in September 2016. The Dulles Airport, near Washington DC was where she was detaine.

Coronel is charge with conspiring to distribute illegal drugs in the US. Her sentence was three years. In exchange, she accepted full responsibility for her actions immediately after her arrest.

Prosecutors claimed that Coronel helped her husband to keep Sinaloa Cartel afloat during the trial. They said she had knowledge of the group’s top leadership and its drug trafficking routes.

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